I'm Angelina and I decided to publish his story here. So.

This summer, my mother sent me to the resort, there were reasons, and I had to go, but I really did not want to, because it was not just a resort, and the resort, horrible, no one looked at the girls shy boys were all spitting, we slept with the boys in the room, of course, and dressed, and even the toilet was common, it was awful, as always, to me * lucky * and when I went to the bathroom just in front of me was a girl, she broke the latch. But the toilet I really wanted to, and I have no fear came, it was already very late, everyone was asleep, after I was nobody. But when I corrected his need, burst into the toilet guy, he's like somewhere in a hurry, I saw him a couple of times, but I personally did not know, he hurried to open the door, I cried and tried to close her pussy, he saw me was surprised and his penis rose. Then he boldly came up to me and put his hand to the pussy that I was very scared, and I began to fight back, but it did not help, he squeezed my hand, and began to shove his fingers in my pussy, I screamed, but he gave me a slap in the face and closed his mouth, then he called a couple of the guys, they were not far away, they brought a rope and tape and tied me up, I was really scared, but I could not resist, they began to paw me and undress, a minute later, I was already naked, and oblapanaya, they lowered his pants and one of them shoved me his penis into the mouth, and began to drag me by the hair back and forth, it was very painful .... expect to continue. It is indeed true ..



People fall in love

People fall in love, people meet
People are suffering and people kiss
Girls quarrel, after spending
It can make peace? No, it will not work
Children's tale - a beautiful summer
Where are you, my love, - a clear sun
Again, fall in love again kiss
After a miss, no, not forgotten
Snow in the winter, in the autumn leaves
I can not forget, throw me, throw me
Heart chained, cold - deathly
Live hard for me, you charmed
Say, too, are always unfree
Young and Green, the soul is given to
Thought lost, the body untouched
Life soundly as if coerced by


How do I become a whore! Teens, Loss of virginity, and in the ass better

My name is Diana I have. I was only 16 years old. I lived in Moscow with his parents. She studied in the 10th grade. It looks thin, slightly bulged buttocks and breasts in 2 sizes. Growth I was 1.78sm, the highest in the class. It began the story in December, when I was invited classmates to the party Rinat apartment. I was very happy, because very popular among his peers, I did not use, and it was a great happiness that I was invited to the party. It was a little suspicious, but I wore the most beautiful dress is a little tight fitting my ass and thighs, so that I looked very sexy. Then I went to Rinat. When it came to the point I rang the doorbell. Rinat opened the door, he told me to pass. When I entered, I noticed that the people were not. I just saw Rinat, and asked why no one? What Rinat began to paw my ass and breasts. I started to break out of it, but I could not do anything. I said: Rinat stop it, but alas, he did not want to listen to me and continued. Rinat put me on my knees and pulled out his penis. I was in a big surprise! He was about 22 cm thick! He told me to suck. I was so excited that even did not mind, especially since such a term is rarely seen. I began to suck him, but I just head together in his mouth. Rinat same force drove me to his penis in half, I thought he was going to tear my mouth. Then he put me crustaceans and began to stick me on his penis so I ran like a bitch. I asked him to be gentle to which he replied: silent whore! He fucked me very rude, even slapped me on the ass on that, I just went crazy and moaning. But the great thing was just ahead. He decided to fuck me in the ass. When he started to shove his cock in my ass pain it was hellish, but after 10 minutes was a thrill. He stuck it almost completely with grease and I screamed like a bitch. We fucked somewhere for 2 hours and then he lowered his sperm in my ass. Sperm flowed out of my ass the whole liter. On that day I lost my virginity and realized how to be a real slut!


My extraordinary experiment

Hello, my name is Sergey, and I wanted to tell you my story. I am a 16 year old boy studying in school. I since childhood liked girls, I loved them to flirt and look. But now I do not even know who I like - girls or guys.

It started not so long ago. When I bathed washed his penis and ass. And when held by a small hole felt some new sensation. I was curious and I tried to enter a finger, but felt resistance and the pain stopped.

A week later again taking a bath, I tried to repeat the experiment, but this time a little hole and soaped hand. The finger went in and immediately I felt the pain and burning inside. I pulled out his finger and promised myself that I would never try to make like.

Then I liked it when he stayed at home, walk around the apartment naked and podrachivat porn with neta. And during one of the porn search for satisfaction, I came to the site with gay sex. But I have not turned it off and went to look, and I was wondering how this guy sticks to another. • While masturbation again tried to stick her finger in the ass. He he was gone, but I have not stopped, licked it, and tried again. And my anus succumbed. I feel an easy pain, but then for some strange feeling. He poked deeper, and then pulled back. Then again, I led finger and felt them something. I felt that when I touch it, I get a new batch of cool feeling. He began to tickle it, while the other hand simultaneously masturbate. That's the first time I had finished with his finger in the pope.

After a few months after that masturbation, I decided to try again. But now I wanted to finished without touching dick. I stripped, spread out a towel on the floor in front of a mirror. He took the hand cream and lay on his back. Brushing their hands and well point I introduced a finger in the ass. Feeling those wonderful feelings I started to fidget with your finger vigorously. But it was not enough, and I tried to enter another, he came easily and I got even cooler feeling. When I pulled the fingers, he saw that the hole is not tightened and became more. I wanted to shove into it more and I put three fingers, it was painful and pleasant at the same time. A few minutes later I finished profusely.

Now to me, as I said, 16 years and I simply stuck in a deodorant spray from 4-5 centimeters in diameter. And what is the worst I like it. I like girls, I like girls, but even more I like to fuck her in the ass than anything.


Do not judge strictly this is my first story. If you like to write in the comments, will be continued.


Anastasia and Alexei

(Invented names)

Nastya 22 year old girl. The brunette with straight hair. Very beautiful, so it is not more than 20 who did not give. Despite the fact that she was 22, she was a virgin.

She went to a party, where she met a man. His name was Alex. Beautiful brunette, pumped and rich. He was 24. He worked for 19 years, his dad got a job, so in the 22, he had a car. And not long ago dad bought him an apartment. Nastya and Alex was already drunk so when he said he invites to his home, she did not understand what he was alluding to sex.

He brought to his home. Once they removed the upper clothes, he immediately started to kiss her. A minute later, Nastia was already naked and lying on the bed.

- Alex, I'm a virgin and never had sex.

- Are you a virgin?

- Yes!

- You will be pleased, I will do everything carefully.

- But I do not want it now, let's take a closer look.

- Nastya, you will not be hurt.

After these words, he began to lick her crotch. Then he decided that it was time to insert a member at Nastya.

- Please, I'll forgive you do not do this.

Alex did not hear Nastya, he just began to insert member.

- Ahh.

Nastya felt that something big climbs into her little hole.

- It hurts.

Alex continued insert member, but soon felt that something interferes.

- Who will be hurt. Alex warned.

- Alex is not necessary.

Alex just made a strong push and all his cock was.


Then Alex began to move quickly.

- You're hurting me, please aah.

But Alex did not notice, he just finished. He did not stop, he kissed Nastya and began to move slowly. Nastia has not cried and moaned and tried contrary to Alex to go on further. He soon finished again, and lay down beside him. After lying 2 minutes he appeared and said.

- Nastya, were you hurt?

- The first time, yes, but then I was very pleased.

- Nastya, I love you.

- Yes, but I have a boyfriend.

Suddenly everything began to spin, he realized what he had done. He stood up and began to dress quickly. Nastya got dressed and started to stop him. She caught up with him near the elevator.

- Alex listen to me.

- I'm sorry I did not mean to hurt you. I'm sorry you probably want to do it your boyfriend.

- Alex, I love you.

- What guy?

- He needs just sex. Sex with you was just wonderful.

- But you did not want?

- So what? I do not want to but I liked it.

They kissed. Then Nastya felt something pouring down her leg. Looking, she saw sperm and remembered that she wore panties. Anastasia looked at him, he lifted up his hands and raised in an apartment where he took off his shoes with her and with yourself. He carried her into the bathroom, where he undressed and then undressed her and got her into the bathroom. All this was exciting, so not having to turn on the water, Anastasia leaned over and leaned on the bathroom making it clear that he wants to put a member. He immediately took the hint and put the penis. Fuck 5 minutes. He pulled out a member and all the sperm came back Nastia they showered. Then they ate and went to bed, where they had sex. But suddenly she called Nastya guy.

- Who is calling? I asked Alex.

- My boyfriend.

Nastya picked up the phone.

- Hello.

- Nastya where did you go?

- And what do you care?

- Listen, I'm tired of running after you. I want to deprive you of virginity.

The moment Alex heard and thought that the guy likes Nastia. Nastia understood.

- I'm not a virgin, and you do not like.

After Nastya ran for Lesha.

- Alex, you're misunderstood. He does not like me and just want to take my virginity. And I'm not like you. You gently done, and he probably just wants to rape.


- And you do not drop not sorry that I love you and so deprived of innocence?

- No, I'm the same person I love deflowered.

- Okay, you go pomoysya.

- And you?

- I'm a bit busy.

When she came out of the bath that was waiting for her a nice breakfast. So they spent the day.

Soon Alex did Nasty proposal, she agreed. After some time, Alex went on a business trip for 3 weeks, Nastya did not mind when he arrived it turned out that he had to leave. They spent a wonderful night. When Alex came Nastya told the good news, she's pregnant. And that night when Nastia was pregnant, they will remember for a lifetime!

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