My wife Olga

It was her most strange desire. The desire was born, suddenly and intensified with each passing day, raising awareness, and the flesh. She wanted to be in the role of a prostitute surrounded by three - four men who have taken it as they wish throughout the night. Technically, it was just to do, the men on the Internet is always more than enough, the most important thing was not to pick up any infection from partners and value for partners to enjoy not turned into a rape. I resolutely did not want such a scenario, but a strange excitement every time covered me when I imagined her in the hands of strange men. And I agreed, on the condition that it will be the first and last time.
Of the many candidates that are so rich web were selected three high-grade male, married, Tightened physically with members of at least 20 centimeters. Preliminary contract on Friday night, I booked a deluxe room with a large French bed in a small hotel in northern Moscow.
Around seven in the evening we stumbled with Olga in the room and putting numerous bags of groceries, meticulously studied the bed, on which two hours were to happen the most important act of debauchery. The bed was great, room also did not disappoint.
Olga, throwing off his clothes, settled in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she flew out. As she changed, apparently in the head he has developed a script, from which the degree of excitement reached its climax, and it was enough to touch the small of her clitoris nalivshemusya to an explosion and discharging. But I'm not in a hurry to handle her crack, rightly decided not to run in front of the wagon. Judging by the way the time went forward to meeting you had less minutes, Olga changed for the second pad on the shorts.
Fifteen minutes before the hour X, she threw a striped men's shirt and looked at me.
- You still want to do this? - I asked her.
She shook her head affirmatively. Retreat on her part was not. I put her on the bed and put on her eye glasses (for sleeping while traveling), for a more sensual sex. Nothing should detract from the action.
They came at the same time, as agreed in the half of the ninth. As they threw off robe, I brought the hand with Olga corridor.
Against this background, she looked an angel.
First up she touched Pasha. He put his hand on her head, and softly pressed down. Olga immediately understood everything, and knelt down. Pasha unzipped his jeans and out sprang a huge, blue-veined dick, already on alert.
I began the process of dating.
Olga licked the head and literally planted his mouth on Pashin unit. A member is not completely got into a small and elegant mouth, and apparently delivered some inconvenience for its size. But Olga was diligent and persistent. When Pasha was close to running out, but the discharge is not in a hurry, he stopped the translational movement of Olga's head with his hand and turned to face Olga crotch Volodya.
Volodi member was not smaller, but much thicker in diameter and several t¸mnovaty from a large number of capillaries. After his visit to the Alex.
His graceful hol¸ny member went into Holguin mouth almost completely, and after a short stimulation of the tongue shot seed charge. Sperm was so much that Olechka handled it just in three steps. Licking the head clean, she licked carnivorous sponge.
Alex lifted his wife from his knees, and bit his lips to her lips, the guys at this time climbed under her shirt and probed from all sides naked body. Pasha paw chest and Volodya climbed into her panties. Inspection satisfied all three guys and they gave me a hand in the hand of the couple, huddled in the tub to take a shower.
We washed them pretty quickly, so that it is literally twenty minutes later the trio was in the room, dressed as Adam's.
Alex went to Olga and unbuttoned his shirt, Pasha took it, and Volodia pulled the thong. When the stripping process has been completed, the guys put his wife on the back and legs parted to the side. Olga's holes were great! Vagina flowed juice sphincter popochki waited, and her mouth was slightly open with passion.
Pasha held by slits in the hand and brought his hand to Holguin moknuvshuyu lips.
Olga was pleased to discover this cocktail.
- Nothing girl! - Volodya said, - Come on, show us a little better - and put his hands on his wife's lips sex.
Olga pulled his hands apart and before the trio opened a picture worthy of the master of the pen. Apparently voltage Olga was so great that the wife of the urethra, flew fountain.
- You see Volodya, - said Alex - here a lot of work !!! Who will be the pioneer?
- Let's Paschke, you were the first in the hallway, and you are open.
Pasha did not have to beg, and raising his legs Olga almost straight up, he swung and entered her womb. He worked as a steam hammer, the pace increased with each passing second, Olga had finished as a machine gun, and the Pasha seemed to be discharged is about, but to slow down, it is completely out of Olga and lay on his back. Capturing Olga hands, he planted it on top of itself and gestured Alexei log in Olga behind.
Alex parted buttocks wife, and entered the second member into the vagina. Olga stopped in surprise, not every day you are just two members, and not the smallest sizes. Poterevshis member of Pasha, Lesch pulled his brilliant grease stick and, apart ass even wider, introduced the term in the ass wife.
Olga turned planted by just two members, it seemed to her that now it will tear into two parts, but the pain went away quickly, and a wave of pleasure rolls sea surf more and more frequently, with each succeeding was more powerful than the previous one. She almost cried with delight when approached Volodya gagged her with his cock.
Her three holes fucked three males, we took a long time, with feeling and poured out almost simultaneously. The first finished Volodya came squish it Olga cope with the next portion of sperm, then stopped and the last Lesch groaned Pasha. Olga was completely filled with the sperm of these men. White viscous liquid is poured out of the two holes, and the wife herself lying on the bed in utter exhaustion.
She sat up and said.
- Let me go to the toilet?
- Honey - Paul said - on this night you are in full our submission, and you will do just what we'll solve. You understood?
Olga shook her head affirmatively.
- You want to be washed away or pee? - Again I asked Pasha.
- Pee - Olga said softly.
- Well, the guys spend a lady.
Two took Olga in her arms, and Pasha got a digital camera. Olga poised in the bath, they put it into the enamelled trough her legs spread wide apart and lips sex. Pasha aim the camera.
Olga was terribly embarrassing, but it was irresistible desire to write, and the first one shy ... and her and the other pouverennee stream poured from her womb. Pasha clicked continuously and as soon as Olga finished, he washed her crotch.
In the same manner it was moved back to the bed.
- These holes must not stagnate, - said Alexei, and with these words pulled out of the bag dildo.
Endowment stunned me, it was about 50 centimeters long and 10 centimeters in diameter.
- To begin, we will develop a pussy and then ass - the officer said.
Olga put the cancer and was ordered to dissolve the buttocks hands in different directions.
The vagina member went completely left outside no more than 10 centimeters. Leaving his wife in this position, the trio joined me.
We drank whiskey and looked at Olga, who received an unforgettable experience of humiliation, which worked with her at the moment.
After 10 minutes, Vladimir went to Olga and standing abruptly pulled the dildo cancer. The size of the hole struck me to the core. Such I have never seen.
Pulling out of the bag a lubricant for anal sex, Volodya liberally smeared penis and anus, and examples dramatically from once drove it into a neat latex monster Olga's hole. Olga moaned, but a sharp pain suddenly gave way to a feeling of bliss. First, not abruptly, slowly, Volodya began to make reciprocating motion vibrator in the ass Olga, will drive deeper and deeper into the member Olga. When he began to slide almost without hindrance, he abruptly pulled him back. The size of the anus was struck even more than the size of the vagina. The hole was just right.
Volodya lay on his back, and planted in the member Olga developed back to her anus, she approached Alex came to the same as a member. Olga took while two males in a small hole, which by the way, and I do not always allowed, and here. And, judging by the moans, it's definitely like it.
Pasha was busily engaged in mouth wife, Olga took his head and trying to drive his instrument as far as possible. When he finished, then probably so deeply he drove a member, Olga began to cough, and part of the seed fell on Volodya.
Alex and Volodya had finished almost simultaneously, Pasha brought his glass to the pope and collected semen drained. Then, Olga took his head, he brought his glass to her lips and saw to it that at the bottom there was not a drop.
After all this execution Olga gave some respite. The guys were foaming and tired, but Olga wanted more. One of them picked up the phone and went to the bathroom. After 5 minutes he returned with a conspiratorial view.
For an hour they were almost completely recovered, and everything continued with the same pace. Olga drove, empty bottle of champagne, taken at the same time in the ass and vagina, finishing in the mouth and always forced to suck cock.
A call to the number rang unexpectedly.
Volodya rushed to open. The room went a man of about forty. Seeing naked Olga, he went to the table and poured himself a drink and motioned to take Olga.
The boys took her by the hand and led to a stranger. He dropped her to her knees, just like Pasha and pulled out a member. That was something. I have never seen such a size. He was not less than sixty centimeters in diameter and a bank from under the sprats.
Olga herself did not understand what it is. When she saw and felt the fear ran down her face. IT does not fit in her mouth !!! She could only lick it from all sides. Stranger is soon bored, and he picked up on their feet Olga, overturned on the table and abruptly went into the girl. Judging because Olga began to growl and groan from the first seconds, I realized that he took immediately to the uterus.
If only he was not in the ass - but I thought, as my worst suspicions were confirmed. He turned over on his stomach, Olga, and entered into the anus directly to the full depth. Olga cried, but her cry was plugged member Alexei.
The stranger fucked Olga almost fifteen minutes, and izlivshis, pulled not reduced in size dick. It points to the fact that he drove it very deep, small pieces of feces. He again put Olga on her knees and forced to lick his gun.
During the night, Olga took four men, almost without interruption. She came, shook the body spasm, but she liked it. Inside was an ocean of sperm, sperm from her smell, it seemed that it was not the men, and semen production factory.
Only at eight o'clock in the morning, the men laid fuck wife on the bed, and when he had finished on time in her mouth, left the room, leaving full of sweet memories of the night and a bunch of pictures in the digital camera for me.
The more we do not do it, although it is possible that if you arrive an interesting proposal with no less interesting scenario, we are not likely to give up.
So it continued around the corner ...

Timur and his team I. Part 5. Recruits

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Admission to "work" It proved to be very difficult. In normal-looking office in the city center, where they led Lera, they made copies of passports and were given directions to a bunch of doctors. They had to pass a lot of tests and undergo a full medical examination and obtain a police certificate of good conduct. They are carefully executed, and three days later Timur phone rang. They were again invited to appear. At this time of the reception took them deep into the building. The secretary sat them at the office, on the door is only one word was written - "Dinara" - And I am telling wait retired. We had to wait no more than ten minut.Dver opened on the doorstep stood a slender red-haired woman of about thirty-five. She was wearing a trouser suit and gray, if not loose hair and make-up is clearly expensive, it could easily have passed for the teacher for physics, Sign, - she said with a smile snow-white zubami.Voydya, they found themselves in the usual office. Cabinet hostess sat on a chair in the middle of the room, and they offered to sit down on a small sofa, standing in uglu.- I Dinara - said the woman, when everyone was seated. - You Timur and Lara - she continued, as if it were some kind of revelation. - Want to join us? - They nodded. - Very good. Immediately it should tell you that we do not often fill up our staff, but lately things are going so well that we decided to carefully rasshiritsya.Molodezh slushala.- Do you mind if I ask you to undress? - Suddenly I asked Dinara.- Completely? - Said Timur.- Yes, it will be easier to continue razgovor.Naschet convenience Timur was not sure, but did not argue. They got up from the sofa, and began to undress. Dinara silently watched as the guys take off their clothes. A few minutes later they were standing in front of her, completely obnazhennymi.- you feeling well? - I asked Dinara.Timur gathered, was to answer, but Dinara, waving his hand, stood up and began rasstegivatsya.- Sit - ona.Sev said they watched as Dinara also removes clothes, throwing her to the floor. Left in their underwear, it effectively turned around him, and then took off lace bra and panties and then. Standing in front of them completely naked she said: - It's your first lesson. When people are exposed, there is no social barriers and unnecessary conditionings between them. Let's speak openly and chestno.Posle these words Dinara moved her chair closer to the couch and sat down facing him, legs slightly apart. Timur heard duhov.- scent of her vagina It! - It is a finger pointed at his crotch and wider spread her legs, as if to make guys better see what she says - there is one for each woman, but not every woman can fill her in about dreams. We are working to ensure that the contents of the vaginas of our clients have been the best possible variety, - after these words, she reached out to Timur, and took his already excited member. - This is the penis - she continued her lecture - most men dream about, so that he could visit more than one vagina. And not only. Ways of obtaining pleasure from their sexual organs a great many, but most of them are not open yet. We are working us in order to discover as much as possible their kolichestvo.Dinara stood up from his chair, he turned his back, legs spread wider than shoulders and bent down, put his hand between her legs, plunging his finger anus.- This anus. That is, both women and men - she stood up again, and sat down on the couch between them, putting his hands on their knees. - Believe me. God alone knows which of the sexes is getting more pleasure from playing with that body. - In addition, - she went on - there are many other objects in our body, which can be used for sexual pleasure. But the main object - it is your ability to realize fantasies. - Dinara again stood in front of them. - What do you want now? - She said to rebyatam.- live in your world - Lara.Timur said nearly lyapnuvshy much more commonplace thing, but bit his tongue and shook his head in sign of agreement with sestroy.Dinara contentedly smiled and sat down again between you nimi.- Good guys. I see. How long have you been together? - Suddenly changed his tone with the teachers on a friendly, asked ona.- From childhood - not lied Timur.- Do you love your brother? - She asked, referring to the very Lere.- - immediately she said, belatedly realizing content voprosa.- then kiss him. And you take care of my sister, you have to have much experience, - said Dinar, and shoulders pulled them to one drugu.Timur realized that, despite the fact that their small lie uncovered, they are accepted in the community and, at the same time raking in his arms Dinara smiling, happy stretched to her sister, to respond to her kiss.
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Timur and his team I. Part 2. Disclosure

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Waking up in the morning, Timur found next to him already two naked girls. When it happened, he did not notice, but Lara too undressed and now lay in an embrace with his girlfriend in underwear alone. Timur, involuntarily, experienced frustration from what is likely to miss any more exciting events, but now this could only accept that he did, getting out of bed and, as if by accident, pushing in the side lying closer to him Leroux, thereby making it clear that it is time to wake up and something to explain to him. She stirred, then opened her eyes and stared at Timura.- Who are you? - Lera.- Knight asked in a coat! - In rhyme said Timur. - Good morning! Just do not remember anything? You are in my gostyah.- I thought we were at home - such as sitting lazily she said, it is completely undeterred by the fact that the fallen blanket completely exposing her grud.Ona and sat rubbing his face with cosmetics which have, for the most part, moved on the pillow. Finally convinced that before it is completely nestydlivaya lady Timur also decided not to focus on these widgets Lery.- Wake up little by little. Now we will have breakfast. - Timur decided that the minimum show of hospitality, yet stoit.- And I woke up - there was suddenly the voice of sisters - now stand. Ljerka, cover the breast, ruined my brother. - Leroy looked at their naked charms, grunted with displeasure, but still prikrylas.- Waiting for you in the kitchen, - said Timur and went to the kitchen to cook yaichnitsu.Nahodyas Timur, though not seen what is happening in the room, but could well hear girls, creaking bed, get up and talking, odevayutsya.- Where the fuck is my bra - is the voice of Valeria - I do a bra byla.- and you che, all undressed at home -? Come on! Ah, thought, damn it! I get up at night. I left the balls in the pussy, damn it! Pulls out, then her bra snyala.Timur from such statements almost dropped the package with eggs, and twice pricked sluh.- You che, you fool! Slow down! - I hissed at her friend Lara. - Brother hear! - Come on! I, too, virgin! - Still a little quieter continued Lera. - And here's balls! - Hide! - Continued to sizzle Lara.- Where do you hide them, damn? - I did not calm down Lera.Timur immediately vividly, where they can be hidden, and the thought came to the wild excitement. He strained his ears in vain, to find out what decision would find a girlfriend, but other than fuss and muted battle more than anything not disassemble mog.Minut five breakfast was ready, as Timur loudly told the girls. On the threshold of the kitchen there was a nurse, and her and Lera. At sister over the underwear, wearing his shirt, which was lying on a chair thrown in the evening, but Lera, apparently bravely decided to undermine Timur appeared before him in shorts and a transparent blouse that does not hide the bare chest. Sister looked a little guilty, she obviously could not subdue his podrugu.Timur looked at the girls until they took their seats at the table, trying to figure out where all the same happened to the ill-fated balls. Judging by how cleverly Lera lifted up his feet, stepping stools, a variant of the return of balls in an interesting place seemed doubtful. Then he became suspicious follow the gestures sister. But that, though, and would sit leisurely, internal discomfort signs not filed. The question remained otkrytym.Zavtrak with balls at first, passed in silence, all three of them was eating cooked eggs Timur. Lara nervously glancing at Timur, he calmly waited, and as Lera, she had breakfast, as if nothing had happened, only occasionally, as it is more convenient to arrange on a chair, from which Timur concluded that the location of the balls may not neizvestno.- so surprised? - I asked finally, Lera. - We were just a number on a get-together. So I thought that it is possible to facial expression tebe.Po sisters could see now that it is not very confident in the correctness of the eve resheniya.- Yes, everything is normal, - said Timur - I'm on vacation, I can come off a bit. You better tell me how you turned out to be in the city, you should have been like in France byt.Lara thought for a moment, but then quickly prodolzhila.- I had long since returned, and thank God ... Just do not tell their parents. They do not know that I zdes.- I already knew. - Timur stopped because I did not know what else to say, or in the conversation entered sprosit.Neozhidanno Lera.- And you, then, is the very brother, whom I so much slyshala.Pri these words girlfriend Lara tried to shove her foot but that, as if nothing had happened, prodolzhala.- short, stop tselok break! Lark told me you fucked her in the ass, and she'll suck dick. That is now something to be manufactured - Fool! - And could only breathe Lara.Timur could not even pronounce it, he just sat there, staring open-mouthed and afraid to look at his sister. He seemed numb and stopped dyshat.- I did not think that everything will turn out well, - said softly Lara.- A cho? - Not appeased Lera - all turns out normally. He'll fuck you fuck him, that's cool! The names have equal. You have a couple - here's a couple! - She said, referring to Lare.- You come on, less matter - mastered himself Timur, - no one is fucked .. not fuck! What are a couple - Lark yours, can make a bunch of grandmothers - as if nothing had happened, I began to explain Lera. - We've got a firm one, arranges parties for the rich. Take just married. Well, such a concept there. And that was fun, we need decoy, for promotion, but, again, take the same, only married. According to his passport checked! And you have the same last name? Well, that's, like, a husband and wife! Che silent, Lark? Lara looked at her brother, yet apparently not realizing until the end of the meaning of what was said Leroy. She looked at Timur with surprise, as if she saw him for the first time. Timur did not know what to think. He, too, looked at her sister with no less surprised, but in his head floated ideas, the general gist of which was to ensure that the same relationship to them will not be able to return. As for the new relationships ...- I'm just afraid to say it out loud - he said finally from sebya.- Well, cho you telites - again butted girlfriend - Lar, do you agree? You see, brother ready! Lara only nodded his head. From this nod Timur dizzy. He thought again of their children's sex and clearly imagined it prodolzhenie.- ... It is necessary to drink - he got up from the table and headed for the baru.Kogda he returned, he found that the situation at the table has changed. Girlfriend Lera got rid of, again, by clearly hated her blouse unbuttoned and topless bra clasp on Lara. Lara did not even try to resist. She was still a little blushing, looking at the reaction Timura.- Come, husband, - Lera was his style - note your wedding! I do not mind? Timur bottles have not even mind. He sat down at the table and began to pour the cognac its half-naked sobesednitsam.- And where balls hidden? - Finally could not resist on.Lara Lera and both laughed. This question took his power, and everything felt raskovannee.- Let's have a drink first! - Lera said. They all drank. - Well, then, you all heard - not only heard, but also seen - emboldened Timur - night - said he just came sluchay.Teper Lerins turn to blush. However, she quickly gathered, laughed again, and, without saying a word, contrary to the assumptions of Timur, began to take off pants with Lara. Lara had no choice, once "showdown". She took off her panties, he immediately threw them somewhere into the corridor and turned his back on them, has placed nogi.- Timur, help! - Timur immediately realized that it is necessary to delat.On knelt down and, putting his fingers into the vagina sister, I felt there is already familiar to him the ball. Pulling for him, he pulled out all pretty easy bunch. Beads were six. He held them in his hand, still warm, and the other hand holding Lara's hip. Lara turned and sat down to face him, and smiled with relief and kissed his brother right in guby.- will have time yet - intervened Lera. - Let's go back better in the room. I'll show you my pussy - Lera! - Unanimously rebelled latter-day molodozheny.Lera only laughed and took the hands of Timur and Lara, led them to the bed.
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My ass

Hello! My name is Julia. I want to tell you my story I am 19 years old I am a student, slim and tall brunette with magnificent breasts and very appetizing ass, which reduces the scrip is not only men but also to me herself. Recently, I have become a very exciting thought of anal sex, I imagined a huge dick stretches clamped my hole in the pope and then fucks her at a furious pace. Unfortunately, in my life there was no one with whom I could realize their secret desires in life, but luckily I love to experiment. In general, I have repeatedly tried to thrust in her ass finger, when she was in the bath and masturbating, but especially not focus on this issue, but now it was quite different, as if someone had switched my ass, as soon as I touched her fingers to the wrinkled holes my pussy began to flow like the last bitch and so I was determined to fuck her in this small, but highly coveted hole. For my goal I went to the sex shop and bought everything you need, a couple of vibrators of various sizes and shapes, anal lubricant, plug ass and DVD movie, which as the name promised to institute a limit. Praed home, I turned on the film and started undressing, got cancer before a mirror so that all to see. Leaning with one hand on the other chair I was a little pat yourself on the elastic buttocks and squeezing out of a tube on the finger grease, began to enter it in its rear opening. The finger went surprisingly easy, vse-taki grease lubrication has, at this time on television with his aunt fastened the end vengeance pearl girlfriend in the ass, it has added my enthusiasm and pulled her finger out of the priests, I took up the vibrator that was smaller. He was smooth, thin and long form. Pick it up in the ass, I enjoyed a bit, the reason it around the anus and began to shove. Just because he did not want to go, ass persistently resisted, then I pushed harder and yielding to force a hole cracked open, head pushed the edge of the anus and passed inside. A little getting used to new sensations I continued movement in the depths, tucking it about ten centimeters, I stopped and began to caress the clitoris. It is not transmitted sensations to masturbate watching myself standing doggy on the floor in front of a mirror with high battened down ass and sticking out her silicone member. But my pleasure was short-lived, from games to sing, I terribly wanted to use the toilet and had no choice but to do as the seductive pull of the rod butt. Go to the toilet, I realized that now I do not get high, and there is no time to start all over again, would have to wait for tomorrow.
In the morning it was necessary to run the institute, and wait all day not like getting up early, I decided to start with an enema, not to repeat yesterday's story, going to the bathroom, I pulled the rubber hot-water bottle with a hose sticking out of it, and a small white tip. Fill a water bottle with warm water and hung it on a hook. Pulling from the shelf cream I heavily greased tip and take a position in the bath became a pleasure to enter it himself. After inserting the tip and stroking his nipples have become really hard, I opened the tap on the hose, warm liquid began to flow through my vnutrinney. Enema in general I do not really like but to achieve the desired all good. Water stopped flowing and I closed the tap, but did not pull out the tip, instead I began to stroke his alkalis and lingering on the button of the clitoris fingered it a little.
The water in the stomach Soon manifested itself, and I was forced to get out of the tub and sit down on the toilet, because I was immediately a torrent came all "excess" That was in me. After the procedure, I crawled under a warm shower and began to think that to do next. Without becoming limited enema, I decided that today will go to the Institute of the inserted plug in the ass. We quickly ran to the room and it took cream and cork, I returned to the bathroom. The plug was pale blue color exciting about 15 cm in length and 3 and a half wide at the thickest part. Forcing cone on top of a large amount of the cream, I spread her legs a little wider, a little bent their knees, bent forward and lifted the cap to the hole in the pope cherished. Cork was bolshevat for my zadik and when I began to press on it the first skin around the holes began to sag, and only then, my ass was the slightly opened gradually letting a foreign object. The first half, which was the expansion, included very tight and was a bit bolnovato, so I had to stop and massage the clitoris to relax, but once climbed the widest part of the second half, tapering, I hopped on smoothly leaving outside only a small flat part Do not let get away a stopper inside. From the voltage of the pope and excitement gripped me even knees buckled. After washing with cold water, I slowly wandered into the room, not moving his gait was unusual to feel something in itself, it did not close around the anus and the vagina sweet grated through a thin partition. While I was going to college, it is completely accustomed to their spigot and a wave of excitation overflowing to the body forced my anus to shrink and thus feel the cone down and shutting up my lustful ass. Reaching the institute, I felt like the grease from my panties pussy drenched through, especially excites me the idea that under the skirt of narrow holes ass sticking cork base, and this one could not even think. Barely withstand one lecture, I rushed back home. Praed, I took off with all the clothes leaving only stockings, tight nylon Lingering in my slender legs.
In the ass sverbelo and mink burned with desire, therefore, lost no time, I included the last film took their new toy and went to bed. Clasping a pillow under the waist, she spreads her legs apart and pressed it to his chest, his knees touching the nipples. During the morning, I got used to the sensation of cork inside myself that I did not want to part with it, but I'm waiting for more interesting and unexplored sensations so holding ass sticking out of the tail cone, I pulled it out. The plug is first pulled the edge of the anus, and then abruptly jumped out. Taking on the cream finger I became well lubricated ass inside, and as it was a bit stretched sphincter plug the finger entered freely. Holding a small phallus, which was already familiar with my ass, I put your back door and began to immerse it inside. He went virtually unopposed, and I began to push it deeper. It made my hole howl with desire, then I'm almost to the end of the thrusting vibrator in the ass undertook a second, larger, made in the form of a healthy male member and one motion shoved all the way into her wet hole, including a small speed and feeling overwhelmed me, I started at a furious pace to drive it in the ass, in the gap of these stallions, but I wanted more and I changed their places, is now a fat dick that barely housed my mink sticking out of your ass tightly covered ring gouging anus, while his younger brother for the rest went in my pussy absolutely stunned. A little getting used to the size of a member in the ass I turned to maximum vibration and began to work them in the ass like a jackhammer. Almost removing it, so that the anus time to shrink a little bit, and then driving it to its foundation in the form of healthy eggs. I ended up repeatedly, but could not stop until it fell into complete ecstasy ...
Few come to himself, I realized that this miracle of technology still sits deep in my ass and still vibrates, forcing tremble all over my body. Grasp the base I slowly pulled it out, my ass is not converged edge in all throbbed and burned. But I still had good feelings overwhelmed me, I still did it, I fucked myself in the ass.
After the day was a long time ... and my love of anal sex is becoming stronger by the day, especially after I tried to get fucked in the ass with his new friend, from a living member in the ass almost fainted. Now my ass is ready for any adventure, which I always find it for her.
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Summer in the village with his grandmother

Once, when I was nine years old, I came to the village in the summer. Grandmother were kozy.Odnazhdy when we went to meet them from the pasture, I ran closer to the forest, to see when they come. Suddenly approached me on the bike a friend of my cousin. Friend was about 15. He said, they say, have a seat on the frame, go to your grandmother. I was led, and as he drove past the stop where sat my grandmother and the rest, waiting for the sheep, I felt that something was wrong. He was taken away from my village two kilometers into the forest. When I was crying, he said, so I took off pants. Nothing at all unaware, I obeyed. Suddenly he took out a camera and started snapping me naked. Then, I remember, I said: - Do that pussy got, until you do not otpuschu.Ya, of course, did not understand anything, and tried my best to perform the requested - tried to raise pisun hand, straining, etc. Soon I specifically his strained (erection in actual fact it was not) and the guy said that now all is well. Again naschelkat frames and touched his mouth. It was so good ... I was in seventh heaven! Then he ordered to take him. I was frightened and asked: - And you're in my mouth I do not write - No, - he answered, and I took ... Then he asked not to tell anyone, and we went to the village. A week later, the whole company, which was about seven, and all of them between 14 and 16 years, and I am the youngest, we went to the river to seven kilometers from the village. There, when I wanted to use the toilet (was already almost night - everyone was sitting around the fire), I said that I went to the toilet, and the man followed me, and when we arrived, he told me to lie down on the ground and undressed. I still fulfilled, and we went in position 69, and, sorry, masturbate each other. Then, as soon as he is only a wink, and we will immediately retire, the more I liked, and very! Now, four years later, I did it not mad, and his mouth about it except you, no one raskryval.Spasibo for your attention!

Save your ass from scum

My first sexual experience was not as romantic, as there is usually written, or rather completely devoid of all romance. This day I will never forget ... It is engraved in my memory forever, I just saw myself from the outside, my life was divided into two parts - before and after this point. But first ... I was 11 years old, handsome lad, a nice tan, where he is supposed to be observant, but timid. In July, the hottest days of standing, or I have not sent in any camp, and I was hanging out in the city. Like me in the morning, somewhere around eight to ride a bike to the river to bathe. On the morning of the river steam rises, the water is warm, beauty. People - no one. You can fully merge with prirodoy.Vot and one day I woke up early, skhamal couple of bagels with tea, dressed, if you can call "dressed", Old sneakers, torn denim shorts, a towel around his neck, melting me were not needed. Great, thundering up the stairs, jump into the saddle and I rush to the river. I like so far, when the warm breeze blows city naked body and then, at the entrance to the forest, it is replaced by cool, right up orgazma.Podletayu to his favorite place where I bathed, and I understand that here today, I am not alone. Well, I think, all right, two men, adults, age 16, on the other side, why be shy. I throw off from itself a simple wardrobe and with a running start, jump from bridges into the water. I notice that those two guys, too, dived, and I bathe, enjoy. I select the bank and those guys out too. I went to his armor, and corner of my eye I see that the boys are sent to me. I wipe. And then I called out: - there is not a smoke - No-e.Tolko what I could answer?. And then with his legs in the stomach. I folded in half, it hurts so bolno.- Bitches !!! - Ha! I'm dropping on her knees, face in dew. In the ass - the pain. I try to scream and do not understand - I can not. In the mouth, I have something. Tears are flowing streams, eyes on five kopecks, shouting does not work. Then unexpectedly, in general, I'm already half left his body, I understood the saying - "no breath, no fart". Behind on the tonsils, and from the front of the glands in the rests. I can only howl and whine. It feels like I tore in half, one by pulling the ears, the other on hips sebya.Ne know how much time passed, I understand that I was lying on his meadow. Legs do not feel. In the mouth a strange taste. Gradually return to your body. Everything hurts and groans. Somehow I start to move, and understand that I am crap and pissing. All in shit and urine. Lying one naked, defenseless. Crawling, crawling towards the river. Changeling. Got. I pulled something like shorts, sneakers. By ten in the morning walk cavalryman, I dotopal home, relying on high. Mom at work. Hot showers. On the street 25. The crotch hurts, I realize that I was raped. I sob, whine, why me? Why do not they talk to me? Why so everything is cruel? I advanced the boy, though timid, the Internet is already fluent in nine years. Where are you, boylove when you do not have enough? Sit behind your computer and scribble silly fantasies "as we would like"But you do need to really bear, Vovk Dyuhe, Nikadimu. The last - this is my parents gave such a name. I can be Nick, and I want - Dima or Mityaem.Na today I just BAT. I am 14 years old. My best drugany - Bear, Vova and Dyuha. They filled up the day for me. I am a long time did not open, but the guys are persistent, all ringing and ringing, and then I crawled. Eyes on the wet spot, and they that yes why, and I told everything, and through the roar and snot. So it was sick at heart. We had each other nothing to hide. Bear Dad both get drunk, fought constantly. Michas showed me this belt, as much goose bumps. He often I turn over. And Vova brother to Chechnya returned one night it something dreamed Vovik nearly strangled. I flew off the reel bro. And Dyuhoy we met in the school toilet, the three of us drove to the lesson, and he stood there and missed. He was nine, and we are eleven. And this little shit fit well into our link (Boy Scout troop), now without each other, and we do not step mozhem.Vot sl¸znaya such stories. Save your ass from the dregs. There are men - Slezot¸ki. They usually come to the sentimental people. If you cried when they saw "White Bim Black Ear"Then Slezot¸ki - your friends. Our unit is called "Slezot¸ki"Because all eyes on a wet place.

It's game time

He turned on his side and quickly pressed the cell phone button, turning off the alarm clock. Do not let the wife wakes up prematurely god. What will happen, he chose not to submit. Today it is - a slave. Well, yes, and she - Mrs. It's time to play.
Rising from the bed, he went to the corner where there was a small suitcase. In it they kept their toys. He slept as always naked and shaved pubis yesterday. Pulling out of the suitcase grease, carefully greased anus. Anus he was pretty Sensitive, so that lubrication is better to spare. When finished, he took out a small dilator and began to slowly insert. Today, enough of this, I thought to myself. Other indications in this respect did not give Ms.
Now came the turn of women's panties with a hole in the crotch. Member, jumped into the hole, immediately stood stake. They have long been going to buy a plastic bag with a lock on the member, who would not give him up, and added pain, yes all hands did not reach. Therefore, I have to wear the ring on the balls and penis. Wearing more and collar, a leash, he went to the toilet. He had the right to write only as a woman. Sitting on the toilet itself (to sit in a circle slave has no rights), he strongly leaned forward. Member of the standing and tilting his hands, as he always did, as a man, he could not. But today he was not a man. I - slave, he thought. In an extreme case - a female. Since the beginning of the game he was not allowed to touch a member, without orders Mistress.
Back in the room, he looked at his watch. Six in the morning. Waking Lady at six-thirty. Everything goes according to plan. For half an hour he has to stand in the corner, waiting.
Now the main thing - to take the correct posture. Kneeling, he leaned back on his heels, legs apart as possible. The perineum should be opened, forward a member. If Madame wants to step on it, there should be no interference. Hands behind his back, his head lowered to his chest that would look down. On Lady, without an order, you can not look.
Ahead of half an hour. It is necessary to clear your head. Everything must be subordinated only to the will of Mrs.
Half an hour passed. It's time to wake up, I thought, I shivered. On his knees crawled over to the bed, he gently pushed the edge of the teeth blankets, covering the legs. Language was ready to lick. Slowly passing on the sole of one foot, he moved to the other. Ms. stirred and mumbled something. I liked thinking servant, continuing to process soles. And then his head jerked from a strong kick. "Fingers, idiot" - Lady said. "Wrong" - He thought, quickly began to lick your fingers. His language is passed from one finger to another, carefully licking between them.
"Come on, now let the ass". Moving closer on his knees, he propihnul his tongue between the buttocks and inhaled the aroma, which met for the night. The anus was opened to meet him. His tongue plunged deeper and as you progress, ass Mistress, lying on its side pressed harder and harder on his face.
Ten minutes later, she grabbed him by the hair, pushing away from you. Sitting on the bed, she gave him a strong slap in the face. "That's for dullness. Oh, and for prevention. Probably worth giving another. " His head jerked back strongly. "Take me to the bathroom" - she said. He stood on all fours, and she sat on top, po¸rzav his back. Hold the leash Mistress painfully slapped him on the back. So, getting constant blows to the back and sides, he dov¸z her to the bathroom.
Standing, Mrs. hit him in the balls hanging between his legs. "Quickly toilet. " Having got into the bathroom, he sat down on the heels of a slave, raising his head and his mouth wide open. Looming over him, Mrs. let a powerful stream. When finished, he swallowed everything, she began to turn the taps. According to the team "mat"The servant immediately lay on his back, stomach napruzhiniv. Lady in the shower, slowly turning and stepping on the feet cock and balls, then on the face, putting the slave in his mouth then one leg, then the other.
When finished taking a shower and dry vytershis, Ms. ordered to take her to bed again, accompanying the trip strokes leash. Having laid her on the bed, the servant of his nose turned on the TV, and crawled into the kitchen. Having breakfast, gathered all together on a tray, he crawled into the bedroom. During breakfast, he, taking a familiar pose in the corner, I thought about what was waiting for him today. After breakfast - the usual morning spanking. 25 attacks on the member 25 by the pope, and 25 - on the anus, buttocks apart. "Do not forget to rearrange the extender from the anus to the mouth. And suck it deep, Ms. loves. " And then everything in her will.
"Come eat, cattle" - He heard. Ms. dumped the leftovers on the floor. Sticking his tongue, the slave began to eat.

My favorite cousin

It happened to me when I was 15-16 years old. I have a cousin - Angela. She then was 14 years old. We lived pososedstvu and often ran to each other. Playing football, I broke a leg and was lying in bed. Angela is constantly spinning around me, helping me. I still was a virgin, I had no sexual experience. The only thing I sometimes masturbated to relieve stress.
Angela was very attractive and I have had thoughts about having sex with her. But I did, I could not offer it to her, did not know how to do it.
One day, Angela ran flushed and told me that she saw a member of the older brother, was frightened and ran away. She said that it stood was huge, and asked:
- A too, so you have the same?
I said:
- I do not know, go out the door, I'll see.
She went out, but I knew she would spy, pulled out a member and began to measure the ruler. He has stood as a carrot and looked up. I noticed that she was peeping through the hole and tried to lock her to see my rampant cock. Wearing trousers, I opened the door and let Angela back. She pretended not to see anything, but she could not hide it. I said that I looked and that he rather big. Then, I abruptly pulled out his trunk and grabbed her hand and put it on him! Angela was confused and did not know what to do, stood hesitantly. I said that I saw her peeping, and that I am not against it, so she was not afraid, this will remain a mystery. I only asked to see her pussy, as never seen before, and promised that it will not hurt. She stood in silence and I took that as consent, gently lifted her skirt and pulled slowly her panties. In front of me opened a charming picture: the pubis, covered with soft down. In short, I saw a virgin womb, untouched by anyone! I just gently put her panties back and dressed himself so as not to startle her ahead of time. We agreed that this would be our secret. After that, we sometimes, hiding somewhere, and looked at their bodies. Then, I began to masturbate, sometimes touching her pubic area, thighs. When she saw the first time I pulled, she was confused, but his curiosity was taking, and she caressed my cock hands, helping me. The next step was the initiation into the caress her virgin vagina. She caressed his hands pubis, clitoris, I also helped her in this. But, more caresses, masturbation is not reached, because I loved her and did not want her to lose her virginity. Because then, it could not then get married, at least I thought so. And I could not marry her because she was my cousin, and it could be no question! It is difficult for me given, because it is difficult to restrain the man in moments of excitement. Angela, seeing as I am to her, treated me with all the sympathy. And, one day, she said she wanted to help me, decided to give me in the ass. You can have sex and to remain a virgin, but she was a little afraid that will hurt. I promised that if she would be hurt, then stop. At first, she was getting on my heels, I just puts his dick in her ass and drove up and down podrachival hand. Angela same fingers caressed her pubis, clitoris, and we got to enjoy. Then, I began to lubricate his finger caressed the cream and ring anus, sometimes sinking into it. Then, I slowly developed her ass, turning the finger inside. And there came a moment when I realized that it was time to start to take decisive action. I put her cancer on the edge of the bed, and he stood on the floor behind her. As usual, I caressed her finger her ass, well smeared with cream, rolled his inside and put his dick in her hole. Then, stroking her sex lips, I strongly aroused her, and felt that they were wet. Then, extending her hands buttocks became gradually enter in the ass. I did everything slowly, massaging, caressing her hands, trying not to hurt her. Overcoming sfinker, my cock plunged into her. It felt great, her anus tightly encircled my body. I let her get used to the foreign object in the anus and began to smooth bumps hands I caressed her pussy lips, hips. For a long time, this torture, I could not stand, pulled out a member and podrachivaya, finished on the floor.
Then, he puts it on his back and kissing his chest, caressing her hands "girl" I brought her to orgasm. I was grateful that she went at it for the sake of me and tried to please her, to help. I treat her with all the tenderness. A few days later, we retired. Kissing and caressing each other, we are excited. Then Angela got up on his haunches and I fucked her in the ass. Everything was given, it was easier and we started to systematically resort to anal sex. In moments of excitement, Angela was ready to present to the sex, but I did not dare to do so. We treated the alternatives and its virgin pl¸va remained intact. Then I went into the army, then went to study in Stavropol. Angela graduated from high school and 18 years married. The most interesting thing, I was at a wedding "bodyguard" from the bride. The groom was crazy about her, and we behaved as if nothing had happened. After the wedding night, still showed the bloody sheet, the symbol of purity. They have three children and live happily ever after, and that was between us, it remains a mystery to all. We had, then, met several times in the strictest confidence. Here then, we fucked and orally and vaginally, all unimaginable poses. Especially Angela loves it when I caress the language of her clitoris, vagina. But we are very rare, so that no one could even think about our relationship. And I, so far, I like it! Therefore, I am not married to the other. If not for our customs, we will be with her married and lived happily ever after!

The first time - three

I was then 14 years old and in the summer I went as usual to lager.Obychno in our group were the same people, but this year there were a surprising number of new, mostly boys. I am pleased that fact, and I immediately identified 2 boys (twins) on the role of my boyfriend. Both were tall stylishly dressed and very charming in the camp, there is only one law: to act quickly while you're someone ahead, and wasted no time, we immediately sat down to them. Soon we began to talk, their name was Vanya and Andrey. The entire first day we spent together I Sveta showed them the camp, all the loopholes in the walls, etc. However, our favorite place we Svetka not shown: first, in the early days of the counselors looked into both in and out of the territory was the most risky. Not far from the camp (10 min) grew old oak tree where the village boys built a house. Once I realized that I could not choose one of them to me the most likeable and I decided to stir up both. By the time she asks already met with Vanya, but I'm honestly do not really care. And when Svetka put in the detention center, I asked Vanya to go with me to smoke, we got out through the gap you fence and went away to 20 meters, began to smoke, then Vanya offered me a walk to talk about the Light. I remembered the tree house, and He turned to go back. We got into the house and began to talk. At first we were talking about the Light and Andrew, is gradually beginning to bore me, and flooded at break: - Do you like me? - Ya.Nemnogo asked thought Vanya answered in the affirmative, I did not wait and pounced on him about 4 hours we kissed and caressed each druga.- Throw it! - When change comes to an end - at the latest disco, it is up to 3 nights in 12 meet here just do not say anything I do not want Andrew his ogorchat.Vanya agreed, and we went back to the last lager.Do disco was 2 days. I decided I did not want my first time was like everyone else. I wanted both twins at once. I decided to act, and in the evening we went for Sveta booze we barely dragged him to the camp. The last day and a disco instead I went with Andrew in the house on a tree. We drank and drank a few hours the two of us drank three bottles of vodka and one cognac. At twelve crawled drunk Light and Vanya I kindly asked to go to the Light to the drugstore for aspirin. And as soon as she left, onset of action. We undressed, and while I sucked Vanya, Andrew caressed my crotch, then they have changed: while Andrew wiped his penis semen Vanya slowly began to enter into me, at first it was a pleasure, then a terrible pain passed over his body. And I was on the 7m sky with pleasure. Ivan took out his penis and finished in my mouth, and now it was the turn of Andrew, and when we both moaned with pleasure, came to light. Andrew went out of me and a little sit down, we crawled into camp like something laid Vanya and Andrey and then and went to bed. In the morning light, as if nothing had happened he woke me up and we went into the shower. Vanya and Andrey, I tried to avoid just as we sat on the bus, we pereglyanulis.Vspomnili whether guys in the morning, it was the same night? Is Light about Vanya know? I do not know, because since then, the camp did not go and do not have anyone not called up.

Xenia, my school friend

I was in the 9th grade. I have a best friend, Xenia. From the fifth class we have been friends with her, well, in general it is not vazhno.Byl beautiful spring day, the end of the school year. We Ksyusha returned home after school, we were on the way, but I lived close to the school. And Ksenia offered to go to her home, so much so she bought a boxer puppy, and I agreed, and we went to her home. We rode the elevator to the 6th floor, and I'm still looking at my girlfriend I liked it.
Xenia was quite petite, slim, tall as me, with a stunningly beautiful legs, rises with a neat round ass. She had a pretty face with full lips and bright eyes.
And so we went to her room. She was wearing a purple suit with tight pants. On her it looked just super! We played with her new puppy, then stood at the window and began to talk. I spoke almost on autopilot. "My God, I alone with the most desirable woman on earth!" - I thought. Then the conversation stopped, I looked at her without taking his gaze and she probably felt the same. She came I hugged her waist, and she's neck ... With me it was Zadie kravat and we plopped down on it. I ended up with the top and could not believe his luck! I asked her: "you just want it?" She nodded. She was lying across the bed so that her hips were at Cravath and lower leg hanging down. I tihoniko styanal with her pants with shorts. I not much spread his legs, and began working language processing each petal of her vagina. I was incredibly pleased. Ksenia quietly postanovala. Meanwhile, I shot off his clothes.
So I took off all my clothes Xenia and we are left once naked. I helped her I lie on the bed in a normal and she spread her legs on - wider.
My penis has appeared thicker than her vagina. But she was wet down there and I lokazalsya over her, one hand helped my "authority" find it on many coveted "organ" and slowly began to enter. He served tight, but I was incredibly pleased. Xenia also moaned louder. I brought to the end. And he began to accelerate. For us it was the first time, and of course I eskorilsyane to mkorosti jackhammer, and that would be it did not hurt. But still a trickle of blood came out of her vagina. I asked if me and Ksenia continue only clung to me. I was on top of everything and worked and worked. I loskal hands and lips, her neck and shoulders. She came, and from her sweet moans, I have already caught his breath. I pulled out while a member and finished on the abdomen. She was not offended, did not have time. Since the phone call from my mother, who was looking for me already 2:00 and I had to pack up and leave ...