At forty Dimych looked fit and almost sports, except that a bundle of nerves called the belly. Height meter eighty-five, a little gray hair and light gray eyes. Nature has endowed his calm nature and like all many advantages and more disadvantages. One disadvantage of sex, or even attitude. From the very young masturbation session did not prevent peretrahat all who in any way it wanted to. Jerk off, he always loved and member of the fast and very exciting reached orgasm and brought him bliss. While I was young used to normal sex with his wife, when a couple of times a week and when and more. Often trips found lustful girlfriend and indulged in sex completely do not hesitate and do not kompleksuya. Girls were more likely permanent, and verified. I fuck all holes and was very fond of blowjob. After trying self female pussy and making her cum violently, very fond of oral laski.Posle divorce five years ago and I have not found a permanent shelter and lived in an apartment. Working day three well suited to his way of pastime.
Boiler room in which he was on duty at the edge of the factory and he often paced the wasteland watching what was going on. Julia noticed it for a long time :. Blond cropped Tiny large, often come with different gentlemen and had sex, and diverse. Nakuru she got up such wonders that battered Dimych turned into ardent podsmatrivalschika. He went out every shift on the hunt when darken. In the far corner stood two large old park benches and in the afternoon there is often who may be drinking. And the gates were closed at night and could get here only one who knew how to get through here. As soon as who may be appearing on the benches Dimych closed boiler and prolazil warehouse being behind the wall nearby. The wall was a window under the roof, he stood on the barrel and watched a good hearing conversations. Spying always ended by rapid and copious orgasm. Wearing a condom, he always finished very quickly and sometimes had the second time finish on the wall. Dimych not often had to see the beginning, but in the end it is always seen.
In this Yulka duty behavior caused him to come out of hiding. After a brief and languid blow job mate quickly washed away leaving stoned and drunk lying on the bench. Dimych went looking around warehouse and walked to the bench. Julia was sitting with legs wide apart and nozzles. Dimych reached out and ran it under her skirt. Julia was without panties and did not even flinch when he ran fingers in hot and wet cut. Member just rang in batches. He adjusted her body and spreading wider knees, put on a condom.
Wet lubricant from a member of the always treacherous lust expired and he liked the prelude. He slowly walked wet bosom, at once full length razdrochenogo body. Julia suddenly opened her eyes and squeezed his legs shuddered.
- Shit. Dimych .. it's you.
Sensing his limp decent length legs scattered mumbler and closed her eyes. -Are You :. Me fuck decided ??? And without waiting for an answer I sensed he picked her up and began to drive force member. Dimych flushed her consent and resistance began to enjoy long-cherished pussy.
Pussy from Yulka was not quite broken-down. And not to have adopted the resilient member, apparently after a short fuck with someone. He knew it would end very quickly razdrocheny and continuing to fuck her looking at how it reacts. Julia is not opening his eyes twitched backward and a little revived. Groaning from the fact that he held her whole weight to the bench she was recovering. - Traahaay :. Traahaay: Dimych: juvenile suchkuuu: .. A few minutes inside was wet and he felt it aroused even more. With a roar he pulled her crucified, to the bench. Derge he enjoying lowered sperm in a condom and was still on ney.Potom saw her looking at him, took a cock and looked at the wet shaved slit. Chtoo: like pussy: .konchiil: Dimych saw the pink holes of the drains moisture and extending the hands lips began to examine it. Julia bit shyly covered her crotch and then said.
- Kissing.
He did not understand her request, but when she took her hand again by opening breathing fever pussy. Bashfully I looked around and fell to the bud. He knew how to caress her that however much finished. A few minutes and he heard how she moaned and began dergatsya.Otpryanuv wiped from her slippery wet lips. And asked.
- Come in boiler rooms there is a shower, I'll wash you. Julia woke up a little and nodded, panting. Then, without getting up from the bench he asked. - Turn around, I want to piss.
The jet zazhurchal immediately and carefully contemplating Dimych felt like a member gets up again. Having to complete this action, he picked her up from the bench and carried her into the boiler rooms. Thoughts ran ahead, and were he to continue this duty. Closing the door on the latch, he carried her into the locker room and took off her skirt, blouse, T-shirt and bra. Seeing beautiful tits with small nipples kissed them and made it under hot dush.Ona shuddered from powerful jets and began to lather ruki.Nablyudaya member for sticking her eyes began to gleam, and she said.
- Dimych you cool dick I'll suck it just kiss more pussy and fuck her.
He began to lather her and himself stroking the tender skin rough but slippery soap hands. Several times wash hands well crotch and Julia teasing his legs wide giving arranging Palchikov freely penetrate into the slit. He wanted her to have it, but the time must come in the morning shift and then the senior all night she did. The doorbell rang and Dimych quickly dressed and grabbed things Yulka closed it in hot bolernoy. The attendant was sitting twenty minutes hunted jokes and laughed. Dimych not listen to him in the boiler room sat naked Julia he strongly wanted. Closing the door on the latch, he quickly rose to the top and jumped into the room closed the door on a stick. Julia sat on the old couch covered with a sheet itself, in the boiler room was hot and Dimych poured into a glass of vodka. Julia held up the second.
- I also want Pour !!!!
Drunk nice gulp of vodka flowed through the body and Dimych began to take off clothes. Quickly taking off, he watched her greedily drank vodka and took from the table a piece of candy to eat. Her eyes looked at his excited eldu. He grabbed her and began to kiss firmly lying on the sofa and taking a comfortable pozu.On knew that the first thing lick her pussy until she konchit.Ona obediently jumped over him, spreading wide legs and sat down. Dimych saw reveal rosette lost entirely brake and parted lips saw her clit. He lived quite a few times and have not seen such a large process. Touching it with his lips, felt its elasticity and become laskat.Yulka first time was in the 69 position and in front of her wearing the member of a decent size. Clasping his hands, she began to work as lips and tongue slowly swallowing it deeper.
There could not hold back emotions, boiler noise and drunk vodka forced them to relax.
- Mmm .... IGY ...... Julia cried feeling it tickle the clitoris and tongue screwed deeper and deeper into the lungs throughout the body ran cramp and the first is the strongest wave of orgasm enveloped her. Dimych realized by Julia finished taste and continuing vylizyvavat her juices and flesh felt that ends tozhe.On never seen but knew she greedily swallows sperm and continues to suck dick. Feeling a round ass hole he quietly entered a slippery finger, continuing to mock beautiful clitoris.
- Mmguuuu ........ Julia screamed and covered her second wave. He lifted it and pointed to the protruding member. - Sit down !!!!!!
Julia obeying turned to face him and crouching corrected term in the wet slit. Member stood rooted to the spot, feeling its firmness she sat completely loud and sweet gasp. - Ohh .... Oouu .... and closing his eyes began to move immediately.
Dimych again Ninny from her pussy enjoying thrust member moving back to meet her. Beautiful young tits with pink nipples sticking out, hung to the beat of her dvizheniy.On held hands and began to knead soski.Yulka continuing loud groan began to jump even faster, absorbing her pussy harder and harder poured member. In the boiler room was hot and sweaty body slippery moved towards each other. Feeling that orgasm has reached the highest point. Dimych asked.
- There mozhnoo .... lower her ... Julia opened her eyes and whispered plaintively.
Yeah .... yeah ... I still stricter hoochuu not rush I'm here with you ... I'm so konchuuu klassnoo .. She felt he clasped her body close to him, and with a roar panting began to twitch. Cum hot and slippery was the impetus to fill it. It was at this time so much that it flowed down the trunk wetting everything in its path. The eggs were wet and slippery and slick spread out on a sheet. Julia told him getting up. And within all zahlyupalo. - Well, you Dimych ........ and ends as a young. She moved sly smile on his knees so that the crotch was facing Dimycha. He was well aware of how open arms Yulka cut began to flow his sperma.Priyatno warm pussy breathed fervently. Julia asked plaintively.
- Polaskaaaay it ... I still have no one caressed ... These goats strive to fuck without emotion, and you're so nice to do it.
Women are not often asked in his life like that. Stormy fantasy during his hobbies sometimes drew pictures wet horny pussy with which he sucks his sperm. He often licked the remnants resulting from the cut just finished member. He liked the taste. Crouching to the hot pussy, he began to suck hungrily exploring the beautiful gentle clit who liked him. So I wanted to see her expression litsa.Yulka zaohala again and began to loudly express their emotsii.Cherez few minutes I licked her again and she was very zavelas.Sidya on the couch she looked as I wipe the towel wet and sweaty face and fingers continued to caress klitorok.
- Dimych razdrochil you me !!! I .... I still want .... Getting up from the couch, she turned her back to him and bent legs apart so that her pussy before nim.Uvidev twisted it in this position rose from his chair and spread his ass half considering it. Round ass hole Dimycha beckoned and he ran his hand through the incision and stopped at the hole slick finger pressed .. Fingers supple sank one another in the pussy in the ass.
- And in the ass wanna .....- he asked, and thrust his finger deeper. Julia oyknuv started - I ..... I already tried once ...
He pulled out a tube of Vaseline tables and performing a few familiar movements smeared liberally hole and head of the penis. Julia felt the approach of something unknown. Member of the long crawl somewhere close and then .....
- Ahhh .... Oooo ...., .. bolnooo
A few minutes later she got used to this feeling but strong hands held Dimycha not let her go. The pain began to move in a new sense, a hot and pleasant member in the ass. A hand reached out to the clitoris and fingers sank into the wet slit fingering lustful ball. It was slippery and Julia began to tickle him, feeling a new wave of orgasm. Deeper and deeper she has admitted his penis into the elastic hole. Member began to fill and Dimych felt he could pull strongly in this hot hole. - Julia, I'll be right down there .....
She screamed loudly and sticking out his ass twitched.
Member of the shooting at a depth immediately began to squeeze the sperm and she ran down the trunk sinking down to the section, and falling on her fingers.
- Aauuu I too .... Dimych a thrill ... She sat on the couch legs wide apart and licking wet slippery fingers. Sweaty panting Dimych sat opposite the wiping member with a towel and watched as the wet spot spread over underneath. He poured in the glasses of vodka and handed it to her. Julia drank and washed down with a bottle of drink offered him.
- I'll pomoyus nobody is there? - Dimych nodded and throwing a wet blanket sheet fell on the sofa ....
Slept two hours of habit is very sensitive. A dream to hear her warm body next. Waking up a sleeping Julia climbed over and put in order the person sleepy. Cold water Dimych cheered him and looked at his watch. Stayed hour to crawl on duty and he began to wake Julia. She did not wake up. Then he introduced the fingers in both holes and began to tickle her. She opened her eyes and whispered dumped dream.
- Like!!! - And arranged the legs.
Julia need to leave now on duty will come.
- Dimych how cool you fucked me, I came five times and is very strong. Pussy and ass hurts a little bit, too. Now I'm lying and I want that you caressed me, and then entered a deep and sharp. Yeshe And I know that you like my pussy !!!!
He continued movement of fingers, and they became slippery again. Julia fidgeted and began to pull back to a few more minutes and he got let out of her lust. Julia finished and wiping towel wet crotch quickly began to dress.
A week passed and Dimych not seen during the duty the young beast. Lustful desires led him to re-enter the hunt. During this tour of duty, he heard the conversation behind the wall and climbed back to his seat. Sitting comfortably at the bottom, he saw a pleasant picture. On the bench sat a guy, and on top of him spread legs sat a woman of about 25. The dress is completely tucked in their connection but lying next panties and deep sighs talked about how they fucking. Hugging and kissing each other tightly they enjoyed .. A beam of light from the light well lit their faces and saw Dimych is a delight.
Oooh ... I feel it it's so hot and elastic mmmg .....
- Helen finish in you can ?? She moved slowly enjoying his member. His hands lowered Britel shoulders and rasctegivali bra. Large Hemisphere tumbled free from the support, and he began to kiss ih.Ona found support and began to move faster nasazhivayas the entire length of his body excited.
- Today, you can stop anywhere !!!!
She threw her head back and closed his eyes stopped clinging to it. The wave of orgasm enveloped her, and he felt it began to erupt in its depth, a portion of his breathing ploti.Tyazhelo he convulsed and slumped several times.
- You finished so quickly !!
- Igor, I waited a whole week .... So wanted to have sex, and you're still razdrachil her I could not in the back, and there came.
And now for the second time .... so cool ..... Hand Dimycha myavshaya ringing with excitement member, made a few movements and sperm spat on the wall. Shaking off the remnants of he licked his fingers and wiped the cloth prepared. Glancing at the clock quickly left the observation post and went to meet the duty. He saw from afar that the attendant came up to the gate and opened the ... BOILER ROOM occupied workplace.
After half an hour, they went back and closing the boiler room Dimych hurried on surveillance. Suddenly out of the darkness, he heard a familiar voice.
- Dimych I have been waiting for an hour you where you lazish ???? It was
Julia, as he has pleased the voice. She came out of hiding and Dimych quickly opened the door and threw her in the boiler room. Snapping the bolt, he turned considering it. Julia jumped on him and kissed him. From it did not smell of alcohol and Dimych grabbed her ass. Hand slipped between her legs and stroked the crotch pants dived rastegnuv button. - I want to fuck Dimych scary night remember as you caress pussy razrachivayu finish. I really want to .....
- Go wash up in the shower and then in bolernuyu I'll adjourn and he'll go to the shop to buy a drink and then something sweet.
He flew down the street envision such fantasies that could only occur to him. Julia, beast made him lose all caution. Stingy he was walking down the street and met the couple who fucked with such lust in a vacant lot. It is well considered man and recognized him. But Julia was sitting there in the boiler room and legs carried him to her. Again he rose closed bolt in bolernuyu and leaving behind a bag went into the shower where the water roared. Throwing clothes he folded her clothes and then went to a booth where she washed. Julia shuddered but seeing his great pleasure he rasslabilas.S are risen her figure. Water running down a soapy hemispheres sisichek and flowed in the stomach to a clean well-shaved razrezik behind which her voluptuous pizdenka.On went under the stream and started hugging her fingers in her slit. Julia arranged the legs lasciviously vpusiv him and whispered.
- Dimych ... take this lustful bitch and do whatever you want !!!! He picked her up and carried her into bolernuyu hard up the stairs and down the road covering a chick potseluyami.Yulka prepend lips for kissing and laughing loudly. Putting it on the prepared bed he looked down at the protruding member and approached her. She hugged him and zakotila head several times. Her lips began to lick it, and a moment later the head drowned in a kiss. She sucked slowly helping hand and head deeper swallowing. - Today I was finishing ...... there is a vacant lot two fucked
Lena and Igor I spied for them, they are so fucked. Julia release the members of Kiss said.
- I know its so large with long brown hair. With huge boobs age 25. She works in a factory, and often with Igor fucks his foreman. I also like that followed them, and they saw that I was looking, and continued all ravno.Yulka arranged the legs asked.
- I'm wet .... caress her and catching finish and then fuck me crustaceans.
Dimych dived to open pussy and a minute later she squirmed backwards. Enjoying the warm tongue movements Julia gently placed her hand on his head and began to press him to her. Again, he felt like rolling on the tongue clitoris became uvelichivatsya.Razdvigaya wet soft sponge, he was part of the tongue deeper into her beauty enjoying it and feeling all the more her body starts to shiver. It flowed .... Slippery flesh Yulka slid his lips mixed with his saliva and Dimych greedily swallowed it. How much she aroused him, Member suffused stronger and stronger. And the desire to enter into it because it made him want to pull away from the heat dyshuschey pussy. He pulled her by the arm and quick movement put crustaceans.
- Oouu ...... she felt moschny resilient member marred once in pussy deep. Arching her back she put her head in the sofa, legs wide apart. Strong hands pushed Dimycha hemisphere ass and he watched as the member became a part to drive him deeply ...
- Ahhh .... Ooo .... Hoorooshoo like - jerked toward Julia screaming louder. Only seychason noticed that the door was ajar and bolernoy standing in the doorway, and the guy slowly moves his hand anoniruya member of a decent size, his eyes half-open it in a rush ..... floats.
Dimych remembered how he opened and closed the door ... and only when I went to the kiosk Julia could let someone else's.
- This is your friend watching us - he asked quietly Julia. - Yeah ...
Turning his head looked in his direction. He did not ask further and increasing the pace pressed tightly to her .... she had a lot of sperm spat in her deep spreading inside. Julia arched her back and called him loudly.
- Mishaaa .... Misha .. syuda.Konchi go here ... I'm so ... hoorooshoo guy taking a few steps, without removing the hand he shot .. Tight strong stream made him twitch and loudly vskriknut..Dimych knew well that sweet feeling good vzdrochenogo member descends accumulated spermu.Kapli fell to the floor and he gradually came to himself. - I...
I would like .... Julia ..... Dimych gave him, he looked fascinated to say protruding member, and removing from its Yulka beckoned him to her ..
- Log on again to finish it !!!
Misha flashing eyes came up and put in the cut Yulkin erection. A few minutes passed and her pussy began to publish sucking sounds. Sitting on a chair Dimych watched it again started up and began to scream loudly. A member of this painting became excited again and helping hand to him, he continued nablyudeniya.Molodoe flexible body Misha moved softly and smoothly. He closed his eyes, he grabbed her as well as Dimych and screwed everything stronger poured chlen.Yulka gratefully arched her back and shaking sisechki increasingly arranging nozhki.Mokry solzky member sometimes jump out of her and she stopped waiting for him back in itself. - I .... I cried Misha seychaas ..- and pulled her to him. Dimych looked at Julia as she felt his orgasm and blow sperm, said his groan.
After a few minutes, all was quiet, and she fell to the side and legs scattered sat on the couch. Dimych continued his observation of pink .... razrezik her pussy flowed clumps of flesh, face breaking dairy dark stain on the bed sheet quilt cover top. Julia felt it opened sponge fingers and the spot immediately entered uvelichilos.E fingers gently into her pussy and began to lick their moistened.
- Dimych .... Misha ... It's such a thrill to cum over and over again .... I want you more .... Mike was sitting on the edge of the couch watching her and listening to her. She again dipped fingers in the pussy and sent to Mishin lips. He licked them and asked !!!!!
- Would you like then ....
- Hmmm .... Very ...
He leaned over and Julia lifting knees spread wide legs. His head ducked down and a minute later he licked her. Watch this Dimych but had to sit and meet podrachivaya member liked. Pouring it became more and more abundant highlighting the lubricant and slipping in the hand. Rising from his chair, he walked over to the couch and continuing surveillance was the next. - Dimych give it here, I play with them !!! He climbed on the sofa and took a comfortable position.
Julia habitually enveloped the head with his lips and began to suck already excited member. Mike continued to caress pussy increasingly pushing the wet swollen lips. Julia swallowing dick so deep that the head rested against the sky, and was part of the throat. Copious lubrication and its saliva turned it into a slippery shell that she deeply sucks. In the trunk came out ....... and she got great pleasure greedily swallowed it all, preparing the member again to penetration, is now double. Thoughts about what two of them, and she wants to try them together, or leave it for a minute after Dimych so freely treated Michael. Members suffused came in ready and Julia felt that wet pussy became elastic and could take all, emboldened recoiled from Dimycha and asked.
- And can together ??
Misha stood up and looked at sticking Dimycha member on his own. His huge head was greatly excited obviously not for this bestii.Uprugy ass with a small head but long cock Dimycha longer fit the small hole anusa.Yulka decided this question.
- Lie down Dimych I sit ..
Dimych obediently sat down on the edge of the bed and got ready. Julia turned her back to him and extending his arms to sit half began. Crotch was slippery and vlazhnoy.Golovka put her in a round hole of the anus, and it came apart gently. Julia felt a member of the village of elasticity covering it ..
Oouuu ... He's already inside, I feel it !!!! Misha stood
watching as it took a member Dimycha and waited their turn. Good nalivshiysya member was ready to penetrate this lustful pizdenku.Yulka not moving up and down, arranged the legs. And he sent a member of the ...... and entered her pupils widened and she lingeringly zastonala.Neskolko minutes each caught new sensations of triple soedineniya.Dimych felt like Julia sits tight on the penis, and a resilient member for Michael thin peregorodkoy.A Julia caught completely new feeling, and despite the pain that would like to move these two trunks quickly finished it and brought to orgasm. She held up her lips and began eagerly to kiss with Misha and his hands cupped her breasts Dimycha tickling her. Michael first came into the world of fantasy, caught a buzz that could only imagine. Julia .... How he wanted her ... and here also Dimych that it could teach him. She eagerly kissed him now and he wanted to move more member. Surprisingly movements were free and he felt good elastic member Dimycha.
In my 20 the first time he felt such a strong excitement of a threesome. Julia did not disappoint ...... this guy so much excited not only her well, and his. When he watched as the Julia squirmed under his powerful elastic member, as it screaming from the deep penetration into the lustful pussy. Member just became a stake, wanting the same comfort. Now he moves in Yulka and looks like she reacts ... Julia begins to sit up with Dimycha member to the beat of his movements and then sit deep covering member. Accustomed to her movements become enjoyable for the three of them.
- It's a thrill .... I'm so hooroosho yuuu ... ..... ...... klassnooo Orgasm comes to Dimych and he takes her by the buttocks and stops twitching and growling. Julia felt his sperm for the first time in my ass and looks at Misha.
His cock throbbing. - Jajaja ... also .....- screams, he and all that is poured into it. This is the first time she feels as it excites ... pain in the ass completely subsided and the only warmth and tickling inside. And yet the resilient member Misha shot deep warm male flesh. Relax she went limp and the body passed a spasm. Then he quietly retreated to Dimycha and calmed down. Misha felt that the trunk drains moisture and oslab.On member took it and sat down on a chair opposite. Watching how good of a pink open pussy big clot follows the light - Breast ploti.Yulka could not see her, but she felt good coming out of it. Slowly draining it passed on the trunk and Dimycha rassteklas on the sheet. Mesmerized by this picture, Michael heard her moaning drawl. Oouu ... flowed ....
She opens her eyes and starts to get out of Dimycha. On a slippery wet trunk drains another clot .. Julia collapsed on its side. And he is freed from its gravity reached out and pulled a towel from the chair began to wipe the perineum. His eyes were on the lustful young beast that lay side by side on the couch legs spread wide and bent their knees. Both oozing hole just got so blissful that she had never receive. Are under the gaze of both muzhchin.Dimych stood up from the sofa caught her and carried her into the shower.
Misha watched in amazement as the strained his muscles carrying Yulku.Kogda hard after a few minutes he went into the shower that would have put himself in order, saw already ozhivshuyu podruzhku.Ona stood under a hot shower jet legs wide apart and rubbed heavily lathered crotch. Dimych bathed close watching as slippery lathered fingers playfully rubbing the clitoris sometimes hiding very deep cut.
Short blonde hair soaked and the water ran down dangles from its gravity sisechkam.Telo its steam and rosy. Misha climbed near a jet shower as soon Dimych came out.
- Wash up ....
Come fuck her yet, you do not mind ???? Julia smiled slyly and cover sheets went on top in bolernuyu, leaving a wet trace on the feet. A few minutes later they were sitting naked at the table pouring vodka for vodka stakanchikam.Teplaya decent hitting brains razvyazla language and together they became divided impressions ....
- And I .... So much razdrachivayus from her pussy I could caress her until she says enough .... I can even finish off that much !!
Tipsy Misha sat on the couch and gently slid his hand already excited member. - Do you remember how you Dimych I fucked the first time here .... I was the first time felt the thrill of your caresses ... I then cum over and over again and I have a pussy week bolela..A today I enjoyed it so much ass that I was scared thinking so good to me no more. I used to be just the same as me finish, I enjoyed all. Most often stoned to fuck me or I was doing blowjob. But after I met Misha Dimycha and our sex was different. I enjoyed it so much razdrachivat it and then feel how it ends. He finished in my mouth and I heard as the pulsing of his huge cock spewing sperm. Sperm was always so much and it was so enjoyable. Misha often finished my chest violently anoniruya ... When I told him about Dimych he asked me to meet him. Misha listening carefully moved his hand heavily erection. Wreaths were swollen and he could barely hold it in his hand, Dimych envied his lust. - Do you like to masturbate ?? - Misha said he understood that the question asked in vain. His eyes lit a spark and he responded with a clear desire to continue the conversation.
- Very ... especially if he doma.Drochu to school, I come home and parents are no parnuhi watch and masturbate. When he met with a neighbor, she play the virgin and fuck in pussy did not give. But she was excited when we sat opposite each other and looking parnuhi bring themselves to orgazma.Potom little accustomed we did blow, and I finished it in her mouth. Our passion for it came to fucking nice if she had not gone with his parents in another gorod.Ya went to college, and the group I was almost alone telki.I I had to come home at night to present me fuck this or druguyu.A then. ... Julia and the first night I finished it and she asked me what I would have caressed wet pussy from which flowed my sperm .... I've been doing it all that she asked and she is all I. Dimych ..... Julia is a thrill ... She listened to his story sat fidgeting and then got up and began to spread the legs to sit on his dick pointing to himself. Member of pushing juicy lips into her. Dimych ... he closed his eyes and sleep overcame him.

Timur and his team II. Fragment 6. The Star

This evening they had to spend in the club. For the first time, with Timur and Lara went to Tom - she flatly refused to go with his family. Already well familiar to them, surly bodyguard silently checked their papers and, second thought, let them inside. Apparently his instructions provide for such a situation. They routinely stripped in the locker room, Timur and Lara got their bracelets, but he Tome, is still not trusted, and naked (club clothes for a long time none of them wore a) they are three of us, went to the room. Today they arrived earlier than usual, so that when they entered the room, almost no one was there. Only, at the bar, I sat Solntse.- See you! - Lara said, and headed for the ney.Timur and Tom waved his hand and the sun went deep into the room. Timur was in the nursery. Creating such a room was his idea. Recently, the club received a lot of new kids, and Timur offered to make them a spot where they could spend time. The idea seemed interesting and management, has been a month since it was opened. The room looked like ordinary playing room, which organized in large supermarkets. There has been a lot of balloons, and any obstacles. Gorki, shod with a soft, slippery cloth, a lot of soft toys and television, in which, continuously demonstrated pornographic cartoons. Once the room is opened to the children knocking. Now there were so many that some evenings, to get jammed man of twenty. The kids were different. The youngest of them was seven years old, the eldest about fourteen, more adult children came only occasionally, and mostly those who had not, yet, a great sexual experience. Such Thomas called hymen, although all of them, of course, had sex or with peers or with adults of the club members. Although, once I came across a real virgin. The girl was about fifteen years old, and she has recently been in the club. What we thought her parents, for Timur remained a mystery, but during one of the organized sexual games Timur, one boy had to penetrate the vagina of this very girly. Imagine their surprise when the girl screamed, and brought forth a krov.Voobsche Timur has long been realized that age has nothing to do with their sexual abilities. Some fifteen-year kids, like the above, could only be satisfied with small segments of the same age, while, sometimes even eight or nine year old girls and boys, taking a big dick Timur easily. Especially Timur surprised eight-year one. Her name was Joan, and Timur himself called her Joan of Arc. So, this Jeanne, though she was very thin and without any signs of breast, curved wheel and puts himself in the vagina and ass both hands. The spectacle was even then! When Timur entered the room, there was no one except a little Masha. Masha recently, eight years old, and she was his, so-called, goddaughter. A year ago, he dedicated it to the club. Masha sat on his haunches and laying bricks. Noticing included Timur and Tom she jumped up and bent down, he turned to him zadom.- Look what I have! From her little ass was sticking a rubber dildo the size of an average man's penis. The girl sat back on his haunches, leaning sticking out of her end dildos in pol.- seen? - Proudly asked ona.- Well done! - Praised her Tom - you're here alone, that if - No one has yet come, - said in response devochka.- I do Pegasiku to run off, okay? - Timur asked Tom. He nodded, Tom kissed him on the lips and disappeared behind dveryu.- Timur, and we pussy ass gonna play today? - Mary asked him, continuing to sit samotyk.- play. The only people typed and poigraem.S since opened room, Timur spent here most of the time, arranging the children different games. He is even nominated for an increase in salary. The children were under the care and less on others wandered the halls. They were at the club even came to be called "Timur and his team"Since it became an absolute leader among the young members of the club. Other adults, of course, also came into the room, but Timur tried to have such good standing, at which child sex wishing uncle and aunt had to spend first with them for some time and win their location. But, of course, if any of the children ran out of the room in search of adult fuck, he this is not prepyatstvoval.Timur looked around the room, turned on the TV, setting the stage for another cartoon porn, and then decided to go and see how Tom there. Children still has not happened.
Tom ran skipping down the hallway. Each of her visit to the club started out the same way - she kneaded his ass or vagina using a member of the Pegasus - the horse from the farm. Running up to the doors of farmhouses, she suddenly stopped. Not later than this morning she thought that perhaps she was too spaced out their holes. She's now married to a woman and her husband needed a dense hole, which it does not. Tom, puzzled stood at the door, not knowing how postupit.- Well, - she whispered, - the latter for once - and opened the door and hopped inside.
Timur entered the door of the farm. Routinely moving along the pens in the room he thought that never once did not dare try any of little creatures besides Pegasus. Somehow, none of the other inhabitants of the Farms was not attracted. As well as Tom. She ran only to Pegasus. Here and now, the door of his pen were wide open. Timur went there. Approaching, he saw a familiar picture - in his cradle was hung horse, and beneath it swarmed Toma.- not get out! - She said, noting Timur. - Come on, massage popku.Eto it was the invention of Tamerlane. Sometimes Pegasus did not want to be excited and Timur remembered that when he sticks his finger up his ass and puts pressure on the prostate gland, then it is easier to get aroused. And, one day, he tried this method on a horse. The result exceeded all expectations. Dickhead horse immediately got out of the nest, and after that it was a trick. True, there were no incidents. One day, in response to shove his fingers Timur, from the horse, instead prick, tumbled a hefty horse turd. That laughter was something in mind, Timur carefully introduced two fingers into the anus of the horse and pressed there vniz.- contact - a voice was heard Tomy.Timur joined her, and they are together, his hands began to excite Pegasus. After a couple of minutes in front of them hung a hefty horse elda. Tom, as usual settled under the horse, and the horse sent Timur member of her vagina. Tom moved back to nasazhivayas horse cock. The procedure was fulfilled to automatism. Tom moved back and forth. Member penetrated her deeper and deeper. In the midst of Tomino sighs horse suddenly ended. Cum splattered from Tomino vagina trickling down her nogam.- Well, damn it! Something fast today - sorry to say Toma.Ona got out from under the horse and now to wash hanging on the wall of the hose. Utershis, then located the paper she said: - It was my farewell fuck with Pegasikom a pity that such a short .... Now I will zaraschivat pizdenku.- This is why? - Surprised Timur.- Will you have a little woman, more or less decent hole, not a bucket like this. They say if you no longer stretch, the walls gradually narrowed - she added - so do not be afraid, the ass I zaraschivat not going to - she rassmeyalas.Timur kissed her and they were holding hands, went back to the nursery.
Lara came to the sun, and they are, as always, in recent years, potselovalis.- good to see you, my dear! - Something you're early today, - said Lara - events will not soon nachnutsya.- Waiting for special guests, will soon be - told her the sun, looking tenderly into his eyes, and then, as if remembering something, he said. - What Tomochka Now you arrive - It is no longer Tomochka, and the wife of Timur - Tamara.- So, so! Who would have thought! And how are you, honey - Honey, do not you think we have there full agreement, I am even glad that it all turned out. Of course, I really like Timur, but not with me is to live up to starosti.Solntse thoughtfully looked at Lara, and she was waiting like that the sun will continue to the first razgovor.- You know, dear, that my door is always open for you - He said finally Solntse.Lara smiled and held out her hand. Sun stepped toward her, and they, without a word, obnyalis.- And here it - with regret letting Lara from the embrace, said Sun - my guest prishla.Lara turned and saw he was talking about, stupefied. In the hall, trying in vain to correct a club jersey to that little ass and breasts covered, he entered a tall, slender and tanned woman with long black hair and bushy, and simply outstanding feeding. But it only complements the unearthly beauty surprise Lara. The most important thing was that there was no man in the country, which at first glance it would not recognize. It was the host of a popular morning show, which was shown on national television every weekend. In addition, it can sometimes be seen in the popular series, as well as a leading holiday concerts. In short, the TV star of the first magnitude has just entered this haven of debauchery and immorality! Sun went to her vstrechu.- Welcome to our intimate little world of Svetlana! Svetlana, was the name of a star, gave up trying to fix stubborn jersey and stepped toward the sun. Sun held out her hand, and kissed him on the cheek. Star uncertainly smiled and kissed the sun, too. The hostess Svetlana took the hand and led her to the bar, where there was Lara.- let's sit down - suggested Solntse.Zvezda, casting a burning gaze Lara naked, he sat on a chair next to it. Sun took place on the other side Lary.- Meet - said the Sun - is Lara, my ... supruga.Ot such representation Lara gasped, and the sun just sweetly smiled at her. Lara reached out to Svetlana. She took her hand in his hand and whispered: - Svetlana.- I know - Lara laughed and completing a handshake, bolder and ran her hand over the naked leg zvezdy.Svetlana shivered and involuntarily, legs slightly extended, but then, recollecting himself, again He brought them vmeste.- We therefore ask you to come a little early, is not so many people, so you poobvyklis, before people will get to know you - the Sun said. - How do you have like -? Frankly, I am somewhat surprised, - said, at last, the star. - I was told that there are people everywhere, have sex, and I expected to see ... well, I do not know, a lot of beds, or something. And here, as in a good club - saying her opinion, no, no, yes I slipped on the bare chest Lary.Lara noticed it, and even more turned toward her, exposing his chest to complete its full obozrenie.- Notice how a good club - said the Sun - we ensure that the atmosphere only emphasizes people rather than vice versa. By the way, do not want something to drink - Yes, a cold beer, if it is possible - I said Svetlana.Lara almost jumped in surprise. Somehow I do not knit her way onscreen beauty beer. Svetlana noticed and ulybnulas.- I am in life is not always so, as the screen - she said, and immediately, blushed, realizing that ambiguity frazy.Ey came to the rescue came to the rescue Boris bartender, handing glass of cold beer. Boris, as always, there was nothing but a leather cover, which was to hide his big already a member. Svetlana Boris looked around, but then turned back to Lara. It it is clearly more privlekala.- We also beer, Boris - Sun asked. Lara nodded in soglasiya.- It is good that you have mentioned about your life, - said the Sun, when Boris poured him a beer. - I think it would be better if you tell us a little bit about why you are here prishli.Svetlana trembling hand lifted the glass and took a long drink, as if buying time and collect his thoughts. She put poluopustoshenny glass in place and, leaning his hands on his knees, he began: - I have friends, real, since childhood. They were the members of your club. Ever since I broke up with her husband, ... - again she nervously took a sip from the glass - ... I have a lot of time spent with them. One day it so happened that we slept with Igor. I thought that our friendship with Natasha stopped, because I fucked her husband! I do not know what to do, cry, and then Natasha told all. And it is so easy to feel about that, I decided to find out the cause. And she told me everything. Well, not all, but the fact that they go to a club where changing partners. And so it is only glad that Igor was able to give me a bit of fun. Honestly, at first I was a little shocked. But then I began to visit the thought of this mysterious club. I started to ask Natasha, but she explained to me that I would be pleased to be reduced, but can not, since I do not have a pair. Anyway, I persuaded her to talk to the owners of the club, they might make an exception. And as far as I understand, you went to meet me, - she paused, finishing pivo.- Everyone who comes here to have some secret desire, that hope is realized, - said the Sun, while Boris changed Svetlana glass. - Some are looking for group sex, or sex in front of everybody, others want gay sex, or different ages. And why are you looking for? Do not hesitate! Believe me, I tried, and Lara all available types of sex are your imagination, so that we are not frank confessions udivish.- Since my childhood I wanted to try sex with another girl - her voice trembled slightly and she often breathed, waiting for the sun and the reaction Lary.- Poor girl - seriously said Sun, - why did you wait so long? I'm sure that Larochka happy to help ... to fulfill your dream, and I told her this pomogu.Svetlana and so could not take her eyes off the attractive roundness of Lara, and then the words of the sun just kept her from her sight. Lara smiled at her sweetly. It has already become excited at the thought that she might have to teach a lesson to this lesbian love sex symbol teleekrana.- Let's go to our special room - offered Solntse.Osobaya room was located right next to the bar. It was crammed with cameras - there is usually room were shown live sex scene. But this time the camera was turned off. The room was small and all of its area is occupied by a huge bed. The lighting was dim, and included women, some time squinting, getting used to the dim light. Lara first jumped on the bed and sat down dramatically, pulling his legs. Svetlana, followed by Lara and sat on his haunches beside her. Sun closed the door and the room sounded quiet melody. She sat on the edge posteli.- Well, what are you waiting for? - She asked, - kiss each other uncertainly Svetlana turned to Lara, and she, with her hand on her head, clung to her lips. Girls have merged in a kiss. Lara pulled Svetlana themselves, and they lay down on the bed. Svetlana fell like a chain. She furiously stroked Lara throughout the body and kissed her neck, shoulders and chest. Then she got up on her knees and began to tear off his shirt. He threw it into the corner, she fell back into the arms of Lara. Lara also tried to give her maximum pleasure. She massaged her lovely breasts and ass, gradually setting the stage hands to her crotch. Svetlana rolls onto her back and spread her legs. Lara, covering her body with kisses, slowly descended down her belly. When Lara's lips touched her labia, she trembled and letting his fingers in Lara hair tightly against her head. Lara dug her tongue into the wet crotch of Svetlana and began to lick the wall of her vagina. Svetlana loudly and wriggled stonala.- More! Yes! Good! - Moaned ona.Nablyudavshaya for spectacle sun, I began to take off his silvery skirt and panties and then, out of which, in the light of day, fell a hefty male member! Germofroditka was very excited. She crawled to Svetlana and began to fondle her breasts. Svetlana pulled her to him and glared at her lips - she still did not notice that this beautiful woman, with whom she is now kissing, has a large male member. After a few seconds Svetlana start to finish. It simply shaking the tide of feelings, and she screamed. All three settled ryadom.- Oh, well, it is! - Moaned Svetlana.Ee hands stroked neighbors body, and suddenly she came across Solntsevsky member. Svetlana jumped up as if stung! - Oh! - Only she was able to say, without taking his eyes from sticking krasavtsa.Lara laughed and, instead of explanations, knelt and bowed his head, he began to suck dick Solntsa.- Join us! - For a moment looking up from a member, she offered Svetlane.Telezvezda, still rolling his big eyes, cautiously approached. Lara took her hand and dropped on the penis. Hand closed. As if torn from the brakes grabbed Svetlana Lara member and is confident his zaglotila.- And I did not think that there are TV glotalki! - Jokingly said Lara.- hermaphrodite you, huh? - Broke away from the penis and looking at the sun, asked Svetlana.- Yes, baby, but for you, I, first of all, a woman who can give you a lot of fun - just her languid voice gipnotiziroval.Govorya, she sat down and drew to itself Svetlana. She sat on her knees, and then told me to get under the Lara Svetlana. The girls were face to face again merged in a kiss. The sun came up behind him and pressed her lips to the vagina, Svetlana, at the same time massaging the hand Lara. Svetlana excitedly moved her ass. Not forcing her to wait, Sun has introduced into it a throbbing cock. Girl with a vengeance Lara began kissing and massaging her breasts. Sun fucked her for a long time. Svetlana had finished already at least three times, she was all sweaty and now just lying on Lara, receiving unprecedented pleasure. Periodically, the Sun took out of her cock and introduced it into the vagina Lara. Both girls, tightly hugging and clinging to each other in turn took the fire itself. Finally, the sun began to finish. She told Svetlana lie on your back, close to Lara, and now, masturbate member, watered them both incredibly large amount of semen. Girls rubbed it over the bodies of each other and kissing again. When they are tired, have fallen out of the room, there were already people began to gather. Svetlana sighed, remembering the form in which it is, but, looking at the bare and shiny from sperm Lara calmed down. The sun stayed in the room to freshen up. The fact that she is a hermaphrodite, few knew, and vyprovazhivaya girls, she, too, asked Svetlana did not disclose her little secret. Girls holding hands, walked to the bar and took their seats. There have already settled two rather elderly woman and sipped kokteyli.- Hello Larochka - greeted one of them to learn devushku.Vtoraya, in greeting, raised her glass. Then they both looked at Svetlanu.- You look so much like ... - the beginning of the one that greeted Lara and paused, realizing who in front of her stunned stoit.Ona pushed into the side of his girlfriend. She choked kokteylem.- Svetlana! What's your patronymic, I do not know, it's you -? Just Light - he said ona.Ey clearly was a little uncomfortable. Lara immediately realized this and decided to help out his new podrugu.- We descend a shower, rinse should be - she took Svetlana's hand and pulled him from the bar - and you, girl, ashamed to stare. Svetlana puts in an awkward polozhenie.Tetki came around and smiling apologetically, turned to the bar. Lara and Light went to the soul: - What to you do not pull the old ladies? - I joked Lara.Oni imperceptibly, moved to "you".- It is unlikely, - laughed the Light - so soon to devochkam.Neponyatno was, she joked, or not, but Lara's head immediately matured further plan of action. They came into the shower. There, to the relief of Svetlana, nobody was there. They took a booth and started mytsya.- And you do not want to get acquainted with our girls? - Lara asked when they vytiralis.- thy girlfriends? - I did not understand Svetlana.- You could say - Lara laughed - we've got one room is, there is usually going to the girls, so to speak, the younger age. Come on - you know - he said the Light - you lead me where you want, just do not leave anywhere odnu.I Lara took her to the nursery.
When Timur and Tom returned from the farm, they found in the Children of a bald fat man, who fell in behind Masha, puffing fucked her in the ass. The fat man was standing with his back to them and did not notice as they entered. He held the little girl two hands on the hips and quick as a rabbit, ramming her with his cock. Timur ... I coughed. Fat man turned, startled at the sound. His cock ass out of the car, and from there, filling her back, began erupting sperm. Fat man holding member, jumped to his feet and more even looking at Masha, and silly smile Timur and Tom, along the wall pushed past them and disappeared behind the door. Timur silently watched him - he used it here videl.- not funny, some guy, - said Masha embarked on his feet - he said, would show how best to thrust a vibrator, and he did not like pussy zasunul.Timur like these tipchiki , which was only to fuck an innocent child, and escape. He, himself, called them pedophiles. Although Timur himself regularly fucked kids himself a pedophile, he did not consider, as applied to this fun seriously, never showing any violence, and all of his contact with children took place in the framework of a friendly and full mutual consent. He recalled how, when he was a kid, dreaming about sex with adults. If he then had the chance, he would have took it with pleasure, but such a possibility he had never reported. So now he, like anyone else, understood the children's wishes and tried to help them in their implementation. Tom helped Masha wipe with paper towels and patted her on the ass. In the doorway already heard children's voices, and Timur went into the room, prepare one of their traditional games.
When Lara and Light entered the Children, they found that there is in full swing some kind of game. Forming a circle, sitting on the floor Timur and Tom, then Masha and her older brother, Dennis, and closes the circle of two ten-year old twin girls, Ira and Cyrus, who recently came to the club. Lara put a finger to his lips to be quiet Vel Svetlana. They fence off a small shelf on which was spread a bunch of sex toys, and Lara could Sveta, unnoticed, to observe the progress of the game. Timur, just, unraveled standing in the center of the circle, spinning arrow. Volchok and twist the arrow stopped, pointing to Kiru.- you first - announced Timur again unwound whirligig. The arrow stopped on Tom - Tom and second. Now choose the job - the kids giggled and Kira took a cardboard card of the outstretched Timur korobki.- first does something to a second, mouth or tongue, lower abdomen - read Cyrus on paper. Children rassmeyalis.- Well, I got, - said Tom, and spread her legs, - Come on, come on here tongue - she pointed to her vagina. Keira obediently leaned his mouth to said mestu.- One, two, three - all believed in unison until Cyrus continued to lick the entrance to the vagina Tomino. On the count of ten, she lifted her head and wiped her rot.- Now I'm better, - she said, and started watching volchok.Lara reaction Svetlana. When they saw a naked audience, Svetlana did not show any concern, knowing only looked at Lara, considering "younger age" children. She watched with interest the process of selecting participants and tasks, but when Cyrus began to lick Tom, she covered her mouth and looked at Lara in surprise eyes dilated. While the public to count to ten, she whispered Lara - I am even in the wildest fantasies could not such predstavit.- you like it? - Lara asked her, holding ruku.Vmesto response Svetlana squeezed the hand of his new girlfriend and gently nodded golovoy.Volchok stopped Timur. He opened his mouth to declare himself the first number, when he was interrupted by the voice of the sisters: - Can you join them approached Lara, guiding the hand of his Aunt gostyu.- Light - came in the resulting silence the voice of Masha?. - Aunt World of Good Night Kids Incoming Svetlana almost fainted. She repeatedly participated in the filming of the children's program, and now that her fabulous lead, in this place knew a little girl, her head spinning. She sat on the floor next to her fell frightened Lara. They were immediately surrounded deti.- you bad - Denis holding a jar of cola, taken there on the shelf. - Here you are, have a drink! - Svetlana silently took the jar and made glotok.- How good that you came to us, - not appeased Masha, - you tell us something interesting, but - So, guys, - Timur decided to intervene, he too learned Svetlana, but then he realized that too much public curiosity it will only harm, - cease to pester our guest. She came to us to take part in our games and not telling you fairy tales. Is not it? - He turned already to the Svetlane.Ey felt a little better, and she gently nodded his head I, Timur, and this is my team, - he said, extending a hand Light. She held him, and Timur lifted her to her feet - that's fine. You just do not be embarrassed, my team is very relaxed. By the way, it is only a small chast.- Svetlana, - said ona.- Nice to meet you, let's sit in a circle and there, as the game progresses, you will get acquainted with all. Forward! - Rebyatnya he commanded, and all moved to occupy mestaSveta took place near Timur, being between him and Toma and Lara sat between bliznyashkami.- way, get to know, this is my wife, Tom - Timur.Svetlana said, has no nothing surprised , smiled Tom. That, in turn, patted her thin spine.- you like it here, you just relax, - said Saint Thomas - we've got such a game, the rules in the course of uznaete.- And I've seen how you play - she replied and blushed heavily Come on, twist again, Cyrus - squeaked impatiently Masha.Kira again unwound whirligig. Svetlana, with horror, saw the first time a top pointed nee.- Good luck! - He said, smiling, Timur - You are number odin.Kira again unwound whirligig. Choosing a pair of trembling excitement Svetlana, spinning again pointed to Mashenku.- usually twice in a row can not be, but once we arrived the people Masha - number two - said Timur and held Svetlana zadaniyami.Chut box with trembling hand she held out a piece of cardboard and I brought it to glazam.- Well there - impatiently hurried her Masha, others too strained sluh.Boyas that she is now stops breathing, Svetlana, in a trembling voice read: - The first introduces something second, below the belt. The second can vybirat.Mashenka immediately, took off and dragged, already familiar to Timur and Tom, a rubber dildo. She lectured him Svetlana and got in front of her chetverenkah.- in pussy! - Announced Mashenka.Ne wondering what she was doing, Svetlana reached out, put his dildo into the vagina eight-year girl, pushing her sex gubki.- Come on! - ... Hurry it Masha.I Svetlana gave! Crept closer, she pressed on dildo, and he began to enter the small vlagalische.- Time! - Heard the voice of others. Svetlana pulled the toy and again sent her inside. - Two - Deeper, deeper! - Cried Masha.Sleduyuschy push sent the toy inside, plunging her centimeters desyat.- Three! Four five! - Continued to believe vokrug.Svetlana went into a rage. She already did not realize who she was, and who is in front of her. She saw in front of a woman's vagina and received great pleasure, plunging to this wonderful toy, delivering thus enjoy their partnershe.- Nine! Ten! - Svetlana regret ostanovilas.- Good little by little! - Timur announced. - You rotate Svetlana reached out to the top and unwound it with such fury that everything rassmeyalis.- not break - and Cyrus laughed Ira.Svetlana sat on the seat. Now she wanted to have on top again nee.- Number One - Dennis - announced Timur, when top ostanovilsya.Vspomniv that still can not be twice in a row, Svetlana calmed down and, again whirling top, with interest beginning to follow developments .- Timur - in one voice cried merrily bliznyashki.Denis, first on the right, stretched zadanie.- first licks or sucks the second. First vybiraet.Tut even guess there was nothing - Denis was born chlenososalschikom. Timur silence his legs. Only now Svetlana noticed and which has a big cock. She even doubted that such a big man fit in your mouth boy. The fact that now her eyes for the first time, a guy will do blowjob to another, she did not even think. The atmosphere was such that everything happening seemed completely natural. Meanwhile, Denis got down to business. In the eyes of the amazed Svetlana, Timur member has completely disappeared in the vast throat patsana.- Time! - Denis again released a member of his mouth. - Two! - Member disappeared again in the throat. - Three! - Svetlana finally succumbed to the general mood and now screamed in unison with the others. - Four! - Denis clearly knew his delo.Na through ten, he was again swallowed a member and did not release it for about a minute, until around the noise started Svetlana, aplodismenty.Denis unwound whirligig. Arrow stopped again on Timure.- Two times in a row can not be - recalled the rules Timur - so playing the next clockwise strelke.Svetlana even jumped for joy as she sat just clockwise. Denis again unwound whirligig. Svetlana furiously wanted the girl fell. Fortuna apparently heard her pleas as a top stop on Tom. Tom immediately attracted to Svetlana, she was a teenager, but at the same time there was something in it, subtly feminine that is very exciting Svetlanu.- Tom - number two - announced Timur and again held out the box Svetlane.- first and second fall in position 69 and tuck each other, something, somewhere. Both for myself choose what and where - read Svetlana, not completely imagining this picture. But the initiative has already taken Toma.- It will suit you? - Svetlana said she took still lying around immediately, dildo Mashenki.- And there is more - blushing, asked Svetlana.Eta toy was, nevertheless, malovata.- Then choose - and Tom led her to the rack with sex toys .- you are in pussy or ass? - Asked innocently Toma.Svetlana slightly taken aback by these words, but then gathered, taking igry.- conditions in pussy - she said softly, so as not to hear ostalnye.Vpervye in her life, she swore in the presence of a teenager, he felt at the same time some The unusual vozbuzhdenie.- pussy! - She said loudly, turning to ostalnym.Te burst out laughing. was a pile of toys, all sizes Before Svetlana. Suddenly, she saw exactly the same vibrator how to enjoy at home. It was a metal vibrator, about twenty centimeters in length and thickness of a little more than the usual male member. She took it in such a shame ruki.- Auntie play with these kids, - said Tom, and took from a shelf a black rubber stick, about the size of a member of Timur - Take at least this Svetlana did not resist it ask the price of a rubber stick and decided! that somehow it can overpower. And Tom took from the shelf a small tube of kremom.- And I'm not aware eto.Nichego, Svetlana, followed by Toma returned to the circle. There are already impatiently zhdali.- Let me! - Tom took her stick and squeezed out of a tube cream, it became namazyvat.- So you, too, it will be - decided Svetlana.- No, this is for you. And that's it for me, - said Tom and squeezed the palm Svetlana little cream - rub the brush - ona.Dogadyvayas asked what was coming, but still did not believe in it, Svetlana became smear cream on the hand. Tom pulled her down, Vel lie on the floor, and she, with dildos in his hands settled on her. Tomino vagina was over the face of Svetlana. The sight clouded her mind. She was so excited that broke down and touched the vagina tongue. Already unable to stop, she glared at him and began to lick his lips, gradually penetrating the language in depth. She was so absorbed that are not immediately realized that her own vagina dildo entered. The walls of her vagina succumbed, and the barrel went deep, bringing her a little pain and untested, hitherto, udovolstvie.- Time! - Movements in time with Thomas began to consider the surrounding. - Two! - Svetlana anew plied tongue vagina Thomas, while she continued to rape her dyrochku.Ona lick walls trying to shove the language as deeply as possible. On the count of eight Svetlana start to finish. Tom felt it and continued to work with a stick, even after the account has stopped, only increasing the speed and Svetlana bringing to full frenzy. Head Svetlana fell to the floor, and Tom stopped the movement. Such bliss Svetlana has not received never zhizni.- You mean I have not forgotten? - Laughing, I asked her Toma.Svetlana little breather and, in any case clarified his guess: - You want me to put into your palm - stroking her side, Tom affirmative kivnula.Svetlana carefully introduced a finger into the vagina Tomy.- Not there! - Stopped her Toma.Ponyav, finally, that it is required by Svetlana gently introduced the index finger in the ass ... Thomas. The walls of the anus can be easily and she folded her fingers into a bun, gently pressed. Brush began to sink. Doing reciprocating motion, she began to push it in depth. Not believing his eyes, it easily, completely immerse the hand in the ass Thomas. Ring anus closed around her zapyastya.- Deeper! - Asked Toma.Svetlana introduced hand still centimeters pyat.- Time! - Resounded vokrug.Svetlana stretched her arms to the wrists and again sent her deep kishok.- Two She continued the motion, feeling the warm walls Tomina priests!. This feeling and the knowledge that her hand is in the ass girls, again filed her terribly. Therefore, when the bill is over, it is even a little disappointed, but still took the hand of Thomas. Ring anus expanded, releasing her wrist, and then closed in again. Tom got off it. Only now Svetlana noticed that Tom quietly endured the test and now peacefully smiling, looking at her sverhu.- I was very pleased, no doubt, - noticed her surprise Tom - as a longer frolic. If you want to! - Added ona.Svetlana wanted. She wanted to fuck this girl every day! She was just in love with her.
That evening, Timur and Tom returned home without Lara. She accepted the invitation to the sun to go to her. But with them, in a taxi, he sat the star of the Russian TV, next to which relentlessly chatted, asked for them, Masha. The guests went to their house, promising to continue the feast ...
To be continued ... Write to [email protected]

Boy, Girl

People who know me personally, probably would be very surprised. And hardly believe ...
After all the twists and turns with the search options for the day, we finally found ourselves in one of these apartments. Now, everything was much simpler and easier to ... did not have to bother with questions and stupid conversations ... everyone knew what he wanted. Without further ado, we were in the shower. Radik, apparently also remembered our first time. I turned off the light and closed the door in the dark ... I like it more, much more.
- I was so happy with you for the first time ...
- I then also liked ...
Under a soft murmur of the soul I stand in the dark next to a naked man. I touched him, stroked his hand, watering water jet and stroke. In total darkness, I can feel it strangely smooth, almost velvety skin. And excites more and more by the thought that I'm getting ready to have sex with her lover. True cool ... me and my lover. We have - in absolute darkness, all the sensations - at their fingertips, the palms, and sometimes - in the adjoining legs, hips. Finally, here it is - it is hot, tense up member eagerly shakes in my hand. I doused it with water and gently, gently caress. The solid member of my lover. Now he will love me. Fucking like a girl. As if in confirmation of my thoughts, Radik gently but firmly turning my back to him. I continue to gently stroke his cock ... he's smaller than me, slightly bent upwards, and simply is stuck to his stomach - a sort of handle. I turn to him and stroked his beautiful his penis. This is simply divine ... in the dark soul stroking a member a member of her lover. Again, he deploys his back to me, myself and I feel his hot cock sliding between my buttocks. Scorching hot. At the same time continue to squeeze his hand, massaging and stroking my ass.
- You know, I feel like your girl ... with big clit - I smile, smoothly sliding on his cock booty. I was just shaking with excitement. Unable to control myself, I turn to him and sit on the edge of the bathtub. Lew water on his cock and caress it. I'm all in anticipation. I'm all in anticipation. I feel like a horny girl, very loving feast on sweet, strong and hot male members. What could be more delicious? ... Continue stroking his pursed his testicles to the body with the other hand I approach this delicacy to his lips. Slowly ... It is necessary to prolong the pleasure ... The language, finally, I touch it lightly. I was even more starts this contact of two delicate pieces of flesh ... my tongue and members of my lover. Froze for a moment, I give pokayfovat his lips - that they touched the hot, soft head. Froze so I quietly licking the inside tip of his cock, tickling the inlet opening of the urethra and caress it. I try to prolong the pleasure of the first contact of my lips and his cock. But a member of my impatient man, he suddenly bursts into my mouth, imperious, demanding, time and again. Unable to withstand the torture of my slow, he starts to fuck me right on the lips. I straying breath, gestures I stop this rhythm. My head is spinning, my heart pounding wildly - good to be a girl of such men. Leaving hot and tender head of his penis in his parted lips, I keep something else to do, it seems, tapping himself on the lips, stroking, licking, kissing frantically suck - I can not remember everything so strongly aroused me his penis. But suddenly - hurricane swept inside of me and I'm very strong and bright finished ... finished? It seems that even with my hand plucking at my big clit ...
I am a long time came to me, it seems even more shaking, but I felt sorry for my wonderful man, for what could not wait ... do not wait? .. It all happened so fast.
- Sorry, I like crazy ...
- What are you, do not worry, everything is fine - he smiled in the darkness.
After 15-20 minutes, lay in bed, he gently stroked me - tired ... tired?
I said some words, he replied something ... I do not remember, but it does not matter. Suddenly, from the lower abdomen, in spite of the total inner emptiness, and where only it came from, there was a wave of desire. Weak, she returned again and again, more and more each time. In the darkness of the room, I stroked his thigh, as if by chance occasionally touching his cock, change their shape and position after each my touch. A little fuss in the dark - and now he was in a condom.
- Caress me, please, in the back - Wow, looks like I'm turning into an insatiable girl? But we've got to give my all to the man, to surrender completely. After all, I myself ... myself? ... I want this so !!! Again, this kayfno feeling - hot and hard cock in the priests. And, for some reason, even no lubrication ponadobilos- not what I wanted ... he wanted? ... Inside.
- Honey, do not rush, wait, slowly medleneee, yes, that's so sweet, so good, even - I seem to have fully entered into the role, and I like it !!!
Standing on all fours, I masturbated, and he held my ass and I was part of all the sharper, deeper, stronger ... He fucked me ... I fucked myself up to this a lot of different girls and women and ... I was happy. It was very nice and good. I was loved. I again finished first, but it did not last long ... with a groan, firmly clutching my ass, he made a few more intense movements and stopped. I felt his cock trembling in me, pouring out a condom in all of its juice. I was in seventh heaven. Further unlikely to be someone interesting ...


(All names have been changed)
It was November 17, 2003.
We were always celebrated the birthday of colleagues in the office. Drunk considerably. We went to continue to a girl at the apartment. There is also continued, but I was not drunk and I wanted to debauchery. I just wanted to have sex with a girl, Elena, which had previously been only a working relationship. I saw that she, too, burned her eyes, she wanted to have sex. Maybe even me. Then I went to smoke in the stairwell with me came Tanya, smoked, talked with leading questions, I found out that Lena was not long ago Man, because She is very shy and she does not look for a boyfriend when as a lot of work sometimes delayed up to 23 or even to 24. I must say that Helen lives in the south suburbs of 1.5 hours by train. Those. t is not the time for personal life.
I glades. The apartment was only 2 beds, and we were 5 people. Of these, I am your humble servant, colleague (Sergey) which was dob and 3 girls. 2 girls went to bed early, and I, Sergey and Helen were still in the kitchen. It turned out that the girls took 1.5 bed, and was still 1 sofa 2-bedroom. Soon we went to bed. Troy lay on the bed in the whole garment that was on us. THOSE. Pants, shirts, etc. Lena lay down on the edge next to me and to other Sergey edge. Sergei picked up well and slept srazuzhe, so much so that his gun did not wake.
Since this all started!
I first kissed Lena in the head as She lay back on me. Then the neck, cheek, I felt like it well. She tried to resist, but her desire not to give her to do so, after a few minutes we lay bare the oud and caressed each other. I kissed her breasts, which was so beautiful. I glared at her nipples with his lips. She kissed me, wherever possible, except for my penis. (Because it has a complex. And it is only concerned with vaginal and anal sex.) I rolled her on her back, her lovely gnocchi were apart and she had an orgasm just from my caresses. She ran, she wanted more and more. All this time, Sergei slept nearby. But he was not even able to open his eyes. We are excited is becoming stronger. I fucked her in her bosom, quite a long time after I had finished. Right into it. At first she was afraid of pregnancy, and all that, then I realized that is not something to be done, and we continued our entertainment. I turned it into a lively and put the cancer came, then her virgin anus. At first it was pushed into the sphincter napryazhno my cock. Because He's not small, but a virgin ass. I fucked her fast pace that was coming out of the ass and entered her womb, then back again. She writhed in front of me as she could. It probably lasted for hours before 8 am. (And we went to sleep at 01:00). Then we hugged exhausted and slept completely naked under a blanket. Serge and slept there. Mark woke up probably because 10 hours it was Saturday we did not wake up, we slept until 15:00 embracing. Somewhere in the region of 12 came my ex-girlfriend Vika and Tanya's best friend Helena. Tanya wanted to wake Lena and pulled a blanket with us she thought we were asleep dressed. Looking at this picture, they shy and ran out of the room.
After that night long styasnyalas Lena, I was ashamed. Although I can not understand why. I think if you took a step m made it to a meeting, you can not be ashamed in any case. So I'm with her could not talk probably 2-3 weeks and then gradually returned to normal, and we remained friends. But it may not exactly friends, but colleagues.
Later we even slept with her and not once, but that's another story that perhaps write later.

Papineau education

1. Chapter I and dad.
Our brother with sexual education engaged father, since my mother left us. I was 12 years old, my brother Anton was a year younger than me. He and I were probably concerned about the children, because it is already 10-11 years with us terribly interested in everything related to sex, we have looked at the genitals of each other, their hands touched. Antoshka shoving pens, pencils and markers to me in the vagina and the anus, I did the same with his anus. Once doing this we caught the father, who has returned to work ahead of time. We had a very nice dad, I do not know how to Antoshka, but I always noticed it, I was in love with him. He was rather tall, well-built, we have with him was a beautiful blue eyes, Antoshka eyes were brown, the same as that of the mother, and in general I was more like my father, mother and Anton to. With her mother turned a bad story, she ran away from us with some rich Khachik after dad caught her sucking his cock. My father and I never discussed this topic, just one day, he said that his mother no longer loves us, she was gone, and now we were three. After that, my brother and I would have become even closer, and just then began our irrepressible interest in sexual matters.
So we caught the pope, at this moment, we and Anton were naked on the floor, I held his flaccid still underdeveloped segment of the arm, and it stuck in my pen in the ass. Pope moment stood still. And then, as if nothing had happened, he said: "Get dressed and let's go to dinner".
Over dinner, I could not look into the eyes of the Pope. And he was at ease. Anton was also bound. Then I pomylas and went to bed. When I came out of the bathroom, Anton was asleep, and perhaps pretended he often did so, hoping to see me poking around in her Picea. I did not sleep, I felt the excitement because Dad had seen me naked, his surprised face standing in front of me. I myself did not notice that began stroking her breasts still not issued. I loved it and with the other hand I began to touch her pussy. I did not know what a clitoris, but to touch and rub a small bump protruding I liked. At this point my father entered the room, I pulled her hand away, but he knew what I was doing.
- Can not sleep? - he asked.
I nodded.
- You lie down I can be?
And without waiting for an answer, he crawled under my blanket. I was naked, as was going to wear a shirt only ever finished her affection.
- You become a big girl, but you're only 12. Tell me, have you come monthly? - he asked.
- Yes - blushing, I said - were already 4 times.
- What else is going on with you, I'm your daddy can you tell me everything?
- I also have firm breasts is - I blurted out.
Dad touched my breasts and gently squeezed my nipple.
- You like it when I do so?
- Yes.
- What do you still feel? - Dad intermittently breathed into my neck.
- And yet, for some reason, I get wet - I'm confused.
- Wet where? The Picea? Pisya wet?
I nodded.
- And what you feel - he squeezed my other nipple, and first began to lick.
My pisya not just wet, but I felt between her legs was all heavy, felt all swollen there, clitoris fats poddergivaet. I mentioned this to the Pope.
- And you scratched your hole?
- Yes - I'm embarrassed and buried her dad in the armpit, from its smell I started to shake. Daddy's fingers slipped between my legs. And he began to touch me, but not so much as touched me, Anton, or myself, we probably rummaging, poking fingers anywhere, and my father walked her finger on the lips sex, touched the clitoris, then went to the hole, learned there a little moisture and again the massage the clitoris. After a few minutes, I felt like I had all swirled in my stomach, I like where it rose higher and higher and then dropped downwards. If my father's hand did not cover my mouth, I would have cried, and it was just a quiet moo. The Pope has not for a long time caressed my breasts, kissed me on the forehead and wishing me good night and left the room. I lay happy. I felt like an adult. After lying for about 5 minutes, I felt that I wanted to write. I went to the toilet, the door to the bath was ajar. I looked. Dad stood out to me in a half-turn, and pulled his hand in his abdomen. I do not really understand what he was doing, but somehow instinctively knew that it had something to do with the excited state in which I arrived, and it seems that the Pope had just done to me. After a few seconds he began to pull his hand more quickly, quietly groaned and I saw on the tiled wall which sprang the white drops. I quietly slipped into the toilet.
The next night, when Anton was asleep, my father called me into his room. I came in, he was sitting in his shorts.
- Take off your shirt.
I took off and remained naked. Dad started kissing my neck, suck my nipples. I lay down on the sofa, and he began to massage my pussy just like yesterday. Then it is widely parted my legs. I tried to make them. But my father said that I did not hesitate. He began to lick my pussy tongue. It was even more pleased than when he stroked his hand. And I felt a few minutes later the same thing as yesterday, only with greater force. When Dad pulled away from me, I saw that his pants protruded. He noticed my look.
- You want to see my pussy? I know you touched pussy Anton.
I said that I wanted to. He took off his pants. And I was horrified when she saw what his big dick.
- Well? - Dad asked.
- You have such a big, long, thick pisya - I said.
Dad stroked his pretty eldu.
- Not pisya, and a member of the - he corrected me. - Touch it, please.
I carefully wrapped her trunk hand.
- You can squeeze by stronger.
I squeezed, Dad grabbed my hand and began his poddergivaet. In the thick burgundy head appeared droplet.
- Strange - I said - and with Anton, he's so small, and does not stick well. True, he sometimes had to become thicker and poddergivaet, but not out of the droplets. I tried it here as compress and pull, and he says that he is sick.
- Well, Anton little else grows up a bit, and we told him about all tell, and it will also make us, but in the meantime do not tell him. Good?
I became my father's nadrachivat member. He showed me that still need to iron the eggs, they were so large in a pouch made of thick rough skin. Not like Anton. These touch the Pope were pleasant, Anton except they did not cause anything tickling.
- Try it, lick it with his tongue, do as well as I do you.
I gently licked projecting a drop of it was a bit salty, but in general, it is quite pleasant. I began to lick the head and trunk. Just touched ... the language of the testicles.
- Suck it - dad was already in ecstasy.
- How? - I asked.
- Open your mouth, Sun him there and suck a lollipop.
I stuffed his dick in his mouth. Dad began to push it down my throat, I began to cough and choke.
- Yes, you e still small, I'm sorry - the pope eased the pressure. And he began to hold his hand a member, so I was alone the head in his mouth. I sucked it carefully and polizyvat, I wanted to be well. Papin became a member of the swell.
- Now I will pour out the liquid, do not worry - it's not urine, swallow it.
I began to lick harder, Dad moaned and I felt in my mouth jerks began to pour thick liquid.
Dad happily pulled out a member of my mouth, I sat on his lap full of semen mouth and clenched lips.
- Come on, swallow.
I swallowed, sperm spilled into my stomach, mouth remained tart flavor.
- Go zapey compote - my clever. Dad kissed me on the forehead.
To be continued...

House on the edge of the earth or Nastia agony

It was a hot summer, it is already evening came, a little dark. Nastya went to the disco. Easy warm breeze gently blew her thin bare legs. She was very beautiful, it smelled of some French perfume. She was dressed in a trendy skinny topic, a miniskirt and sandals, if not to take into account the underwear. She had long, thick hair, nice smile, feminine look. In general it was a very feminine 17-year-old woman 170 cm in height.
On the way to the disco she had to go through a narrow tunnel, where people rarely walks, especially at this time of day. Nastya was always afraid to go there alone ... There were not uncommon in cases of rape. But it was the only passage in order to get to this prestigious dance club.
So, Nastyusha enters the tunnel goes, her heart trembles and legs covered murazhki of inner fear, which is a bit cold douse Nastya. And now, meet Nastia are two hefty Ambala 2X2 increasing meter by 2 each. Nastia has really shakes, turns back, adds a step, not oglyadvaetsya as unexpectedly heavy hand of one of the big boys plugs her sweet mouth. Nastya tries to scream, but it was useless. "Shut up, bitch!" - The kidnapper said. Yes, screaming already useless. Somewhere near the middle of the tunnel there was a small passage to the forest, which Umballa Nastya and turned. Neizvetno where they dragged her on this lonely forest paths, but the present was no longer alone.
It took 3 hours of walking, dancing has long begun. Already there is some kind of house that Nastya had never seen before. This dense forest. Ambal zavalakivaet Nastya into the house, closing the heavy iron door at no less powerful castle for himself and his roommate.
There Nastya saw something ... something indescribable in words. It was not a house soon, and some kind of a hangout for torture. Separation between rooms was not, there was one large room on the house. In the center stood an iron table on which were fastened the shackles for the feet and hands. And the shackles for the feet with the inner side were covered with small, but very sharp spines 4-5 mm long. On Nastia immediately put ball-gag (it is a rubber ball on a rubber string), which is completely filled her mouth - she could not even publish and sound. Then Nastya put cancer on the table, took off her sandals and fastened the shackles on his hands first, and then on foot. Nastyusha experienced terrible pain, feeling in her legs beautiful young dig needles shackles, but she could not scream, but tears welled a stream of her beautiful eyes. there was blood leaking beyond the limit of iron fetters on his feet Nasty near snaps into shackles. Then one of the big boys checked, put on if Nastya on pants. Yes, they were wearing. He calmly took out a knife, pristustil off her panties and cut them. Then he took off Nasty livchik, prespustil top and snapped on her nipples large iron pegs for drying films. Her pain was indescribable ... Then the same pegs ambal pinned on the lips sex Anastasia. I do not think it is necessary to explain what a hell of pain experienced Nastya.
One of the big boys took his huge dick with a diameter of 10 centimeters and paste it into virgin vaginal Nastya hole. Blood gushed out and ... He tore it as he could. And previously fixed pegs create more pain for Nasty ... When he released a liter of sperm in Nastia, the second brought another shackles and fastened them at some stand on the table at the knees Nasty. He snapped the shackles spiked at Nastya's knees. Whereas the second Ambal began to fuck Nasty huiloy even more, she could not stand and ball-gag was able to skip some heartbreaking plugged Tonkogolos feminine moans. Then came the first ending with Nastya and removed the gag from the aforesaid Nastya's mouth. Hysterical tearful cries filled the whole shebang just to torture ... Then he took out his huilo and tucked it into Nastya's little mouth. Nastia began unwittingly suck the trehkilogramovuyu sausage and accidentally bit her teeth. Then ambal yelled and got angry. He pulled out from under the table a huge whip and started to lash Nastya on the legs, back, neck ... Bloody extensive wounds appeared on the wall body every second. "Dress this ebnitse collar", - Said one of them. Then the second pulled tight collar and put on Nastya's neck. The house suddenly came three more big boys. One somehow able to fit under the spreading and shoved her dick in pussy. The second started to fuck the poor Nastyusha in the ass ... I can imagine how you can shove a huilo in such a small hole ... Two more stood up and began to poke 2 dick once in Nastya's mouth. And Tertius jerked off on her. When it was over, Nastia was covered in blood and semen ... It was a terrible scene. After Anastasia was a disco. And what happened to her ???
Meanwhile, it was somewhere around 2 am when disco was over. Umballa put on ball-gag at Nastya again. Another fuck her in all holes just 16. Nastya could not hold onto their hands. After all, it was cancer. Her arms were mounted in a vertical position so that it could not even bend them.
Already 5am. Nastya unfastened from iron pytalki, splattered with sperm and wall with blood and hung by his hands on viselku cooked. The ceiling was high, so that her legs were at the height of about a meter above the floor. Ambal tuzhayshim way tied her ankles and tied them to the middle, then did the same thing under the knees and above the knees. Twice finished it.
All over the fact that Nastia has become their permanent slave that fucked at least 20 times a day. She then stood in the position 69, it was suspended. She was in constant pain. This house so no one saw already after 7 years. As a result, Nastya loved be tortured, she became sverhizvraschennoy masochist. Pain was the meaning of her life.

One of the 2-

It is rather difficult one-handed typing this story, which I experienced pozovchera and another reopen their reproductive organ unzipped his pants, but that guy so influenced me so filled my sex life, even my friend-my husband to me again interesting to perform their marriage duties. And I can not understand that we will meet again next week. At this point, I want to finally cut off their hair for hedgehog head, very briefly. And, most importantly, do not overdo it. Here in Germany, too, it is not so simple, but it is much easier to arrange his life so as to fulfill almost all their bezuzdannye fantasy. I do not want more than great love, when she was found, I want to expand, complement and variety in sex. With E K C - it sounds already zazhigayusche when I remember it, my hero last week, half an hour before the arrival of my liking to work. Also, if he thinks of me to throw in mind I have two that want me "permanently" and "happily". Here I am such a chameleon. I serve their own lusts, and do not feel more than unrequited love, senseless Union who do not understand each other's lives, other people's ambitions, or worse, selfishness. Oh, surely he leads me to such philosophizing, my ring, tolstochlenny seducer?
Y-yes, it was more like this: he said that I twisted his nipples, he worked his fingers, jerked off his cock, talking to him untied, was sucking his firm, greasy sausage (do not laugh, representing Lyons), he even asked, Do I love to swallow. Not at all sympathy, I do not give myself to infect some AIDS! But at the same time, I unconsciously believed that he "clean".
I caressed his body, loved him as giant chest, his broad shoulders. He inhaled poppers, looked straight at me, stroked my stubble is also an easy and beard, my nipples rearing. And he said a couple of sentences, so that I almost lost control of its borders.
Then he took me directly to a veranda, three steps from the bushes, and hidden from all sorts of views launched vegetation and trees.
- Let us leave it to you on the table - he suggested.
- No, I - I said in response. - I want your sperm flowed down my beard, so that you poured me half his face and smeared it on me!
- No, I want to see your penis when you cum on the table! - He insisted.
Oppose further was useless.
- Work better hands on my chest - he kept repeating. I was ready to explode and without endlessly drop dead situation all the abundance of white juice from my stock. I tried to contain myself, but it was nepredotvratitelny final. Onaniruya each other hot trunks, hugging hands and shoulders, I began the first down on the table - one, two, three - and he, too, nice portions. I groaned - he almost growled, pouring through seed Shmatko my end, that I priginal hand to head.
Being in the mind at the time, I remember that, compared with his instrument, my dick seems healthy Minor, tonkovat product adult toys.
Despite everything, he was very pleased. He asked me if I knew "friends"Who would masturbate together and all. Naturally, I know a few, but he eclipsed my mind. And he promised to come and hang out on the full in the next week. In the sense natural.
He called on the cell phone company, it was back to back, as he does, and I have. We were and are similar - is not a gift of heaven?
Reaching home, I have kerf Mouzon my euphoric and represented him in his arms. I was happy.
My friend arrived a quarter of an hour later, I was almost still. More odurevaya slightly under the influence of poppers and have occurred, filled and my passion. My elect was also over the moon. And so I beamed energy, universal love and could connect the hearts and souls of all the boundless lovers, if you say high. Rhythmically.
P.S .: History does not end, but continues, my interested readers. And not a word was coined, I really gave my thoughts and deeds as it was. And a pleasant waiting Firrehornsky and others, and stories! Your "Dirfgis" from Heidelberg.

Rest in

I recently with my 4 friends went to the beach. There we decided to go on foot. Almost reaching the beach before we slowed down a big black SUV. From the window of the jeep he leaned nice young man of 20 years, who immediately offered to go with him and his friends to the recreation center. Katka boldest The girl immediately gave her consent, especially as she had long wanted to have sex with someone else, because it broke up with a guy and was free, she said. The three of us still thought a moment, too, agreed. I am sitting in the jeep I saw that the girls were seated and there was nowhere to sit to me, and I sat on his lap of the guy. We drove at full speed so quickly rushed to the base. All the way Roma (as he introduced himself) stroked my hips and I was highly excited. On the base, we met three more of his friends, not believing it, and Vadik Misha (the driver). Generally it turned out that the guys did not have three, and six. First we drank vodka and ate kebabs. Then, I was impatient to the toilet and I asked Roma to show the way. He went with me.
The road ran across the beach, and he offered to sit a little bit. Alcohol gave osebe know. I openly flirted with Roma. We sat on the sand, and then I just lay down on his back and began stroking her thighs compress and decompress the chest. Seeing this, he was very excited and moved me. He began to cover my neck with kisses, I began to stroke soft and warm hands. Slowly he took off my top and short skirt and I was only on rosy swimsuit zavyazochkah. I myself withdrew from the bra swimsuit, and Roma pristvistnul seeing my chest. She was netakoy big as we would like, but had a wonderful round shape, was firm and look feminine. Skmnuv my panties he undressed and put under the bottom of his shirt. He had a very beautiful body! Pumped torso hardest excited me. Then it dawned on me that I was still virgin and found the fear in me.
- What are you afraid of? - I neponyal it.
- I am a virgin.
- Who will do nicely. - Roman smiled.
He dropped down to my cave and began to gently polizyvat tongue. And between the hands of his much spend too much time my chest, but it was worth it. Again, I strongly excited. But then he just got up and slowly began to enter into me his huge dick. From the sudden pain, I cried out and he closed my mouth with his hand. Apparently I stumbled on my cherished "protection wall" He vytaschail member almost to the end and suddenly came tearing me all obstacles. Terrible pain pinned me. I did not cry and did not twitch, I even occurred to me that you can die from it and how Katka still wants sex !? But after about five minutes, I felt the more than pain, something pleasant. This feeling was coming over me, and I heard her own moan. He set me up and I started to ride him like mad. Frantic pace gave way to a slow and rhythmic. I then remembered even more poses ... Then he grinned arrogantly and said:
- And now you suck me.
I have long refused, but then gave up and took tucked his gun into his mouth. By doing rhythmic movements, I then played the tongue, then swallowing it almost to the ground, and know how once when he saw in a porn film, one movement, I decided to try him out! Motion "eight" It has brought him and he fucked me again and we finished together. After the rough sex I saw that on the abdomen and legs traces of blood and semen. Wearing kuralnik I got into the water and obmylas. A Roma while looking for a place where to throw the condom and threw it at a tree.
When we got back I saw almost the most natural orgy: Katka standing cancer, fuck on the table with Victor, Misha sucking and fucking her in the ass Vadik. Tanya kept sassy Sasha and forced to suck, and she screamed that nehochet whatever it touched. But after five minutes of coaxing she still stuck his dick in his mouth and began to suck enthusiastically, and then she told that he had fucked her on the spot. And our most modest girl Light full-ignited two-Andrea. At the sight of these orgies, I also again caught fire and was wet and we Roma went into the room and fucked for a long time, only on a soft bed. Later, a little rest, I fucked AndreemMishey and Sasha. In the evening they took us home and then we often become vstrchatsya with Roma (no sex is needed) and after a while he asked me to be his girlfriend ... I agreed.

One of the most

It was one of the hottest days in June. There was nothing on my mind except for sexual desires to cool, the perfect man. Houses I listened to the music, the computer was turned on, gay service activated. In chapter "Search" I came across a very nice guy, but as always, I thought he did not want to have anything to do with me. I know these types, but in his profile stood, except that he was looking for adventure, absolutely no evidence. More photo and age. Then it was reported that he saw that I had read his page, wanted me to meet him. In general, of course, we agreed to meet at my house.
He arrived soon, I had to climb out of the shower, to call my friend (or rather, her husband, as we officially numbered) and blow the others who wanted me, pardon the expression, to have sex. Well, when I saw it - honest - almost stunned.
Although the photo is similar, but in reality - wow! My height, muscles, manly, dark glasses, cap, long hair in the form of a beard - it looks just like any bodyguard. Incidentally, his friend does not know about his adventures.
He was quite excited when I saw and learned. Present in difficult situations, while only neprikolno guys vozishsya. But, apparently, I started to fall into the category where I came from "gentle" age, finally grown up - it's time already in the twenty-four years! In short, the highlight of the program was coming to me more. I should not say that I was happy, at last, almost a year later, enjoy yadrena, masculine, dominant body. Others, of course, pleased "scratch"As the saying goes, and in the mouth and in the ass. But sometimes you want to also be used ... not necessarily through anal, but divorce "pigsty" on all cylinders!
So, back to the topic: we went down to the pond, which are frequent cabin with hinged part, where there are chairs and a table. By the way, his voice very seksulnyh quite high, but still masculine. With a he had poppers (a narcotic drug for erectile ukrepreniya). I did not particularly like them, I do not accept, but with it - it's like "the 7th" sky, insanity. I felt dizzy when I inhaled them, and he dumped his penis in this moment - what else could you ask for better! I have a very large number, the X-el, as they say, is thick and long, rather unusual for the general public. Of course, I amuse myself too exclusively with even bigger prick, but he was really a massive hose love. Such a giant at the bottom of that one hand does not clasp.
We were at the house in the bush; He lifted his shirt from his pants shorts jerked his eldu. His chest was hairy, tanned, but everything in moderation, no sweat, no long or curly volosin; reddish skin. The pectoral muscles he had developed so that it seemed, he could wear a great bra. I stripped naked at this time, I have got one second of its kind. He looked me in the eye through tinted glasses, he said winding greasiness, he wanted me, and I him even more! Voluptuous wave catches us, I was on the border between love and lust. I could hardly restrain myself, not to kiss his lips Muscat, rubbing his bristly cheek, to merge into a single orgasm. He said that he loves me, loves my cock, he wants me to have, he wants the three of us or four of us, he wants, he wants ... I would too, so he came to me in his ugly face, I wanted to lick his body, I would , I wanted...
(to be continued)

Kate porn

Hello, dear reader! For a long time I did not write, but the time has come and the soul wanted to throw out another batch of memories. Read and enjoy!
History nachanaet in 1994. I lived in one of the many republics of our great, but unfortunately the former Soviet Union. I was only 11 years old. The summer came and everything started to go to the summer cottage. I do not particularly distinguished, umatal there at the very beginning of June. There I have been waiting for all my friends and was terribly pleased to meet with them. One of my friends was there the Kohl. With him we are familiar with nurseries and our relationship can be called fraternal. Summer began, as always, from the sea (though at that time it was still cold) and beer (even though we were kids, but trying to behave as adults). And then one day I and my friend met at sea with two girls. It was like ... we often went to sea for the whole day hanging out there as the forces and capabilities. As far as the weather permitted, we sunbathed and drank mostly beer and told each other everything that was in my soul. One morning we got up early and went to the sea. Weather should be good, but when we were an hour from the sea, were the clouds and the beach was empty in the sky. It was not that it was cold, but for swimming and sunbathing weather is not suitable. We have already decided to start to drink brought by us is good, but then we saw two devchenok with dogs that are later became known, the same place lived near the sea and as it turned out there is often walking their dogs. I do not even remember how to get to know. A friend of mine lived there in the village aunt and it seems from these girls knew. In short, we came to the girls and got into our conversation with them and here we will soon all four of them already go to the country to one of them. By the way those girls name is Katya and Zina. It so happened that I began to look as if Zina and Kohl perched to Katya. Kolya and Katya a year older than me. A Zina just my age. So the quartet we get just right. Here it is necessary to describe all the participants Istroriya (Sorry, for those who want to quickly go to the action, but I love to talk honestly and accurately so please be patient and read ... the sweeter will grasp the meaning of the lines, A Tale of Sex). I was already characterized by a high, a sports figure and me in my 11 years were given 13 years Kohl about the same build as me, but he's a little less growth. Kate just came up to him, as it is short.
She's blonde and then in its 12 years has been more thin (a few years later she became terribly appetizing blonde with breasts third the size and rounded hips). Nina was too thin, but had a dark ox wasps and was slightly higher Katie, so she came up just short to me ... we met then the sea and our acquaintance is still ongoing. Katya and Kolya soon began dating (at that time it podruzomevalo just kissing and hugging). During all the years (until now) Kolya and Katya still more fond of each other and began a few years after their love as husband and wife. But Zina and did not want to be with me. We then kissed her on the lips, but then we went wrong initially, but then she moved away a bit from our company, so you can forget about it in this story. The more Nick spoke with Kate, the more I wanted to be in his place. Katya with age has become a super model! Hips were heard in breadth, her breasts grew, she became so sexy that I began to fear that someday, when we stay alone (as is often the case, as we had often seen without Kolka) I just raped her! In short, I was jealous of his friend and put up ... My boy's hormones have begun to wake up to the age and she became my icon. When masturbation I imagined her and only her. Lord, what is she beautiful! But we will not until it is finished ... the background ... ... and we leapt in 2002. I turned 19, and Kolya and Katya, respectively, 20. I had already left our home countries of the former Soviet Union to study in another country and, therefore, visited his friends from there, arriving just in half a year at home. It is not strange, but my dear Kolya and Katya beat all records, and there were all these 8 years together - it's something!
I have never seen even once. I was beginning to think that we will soon be playing the wedding and from that my thoughts were confused, because I knew that soon Katja completely move away from me. But fortunately my prayers were answered and I began to notice that even such a great relationship as my friends do not pass without a trace. 8 years have played a role. Their relationship became lethargic and Kolya started pogulivat the side. (I knew about it, because we all shared with my friend). Katya knew all about the new Pass Kolka and I think also not particularly remained faithful to her boyfriend. When I saw all this, it is quite puzzled why this is happening. I do not understand why Nick stopped loving his girl. I started to think that this will something worthwhile. As a little too sharply changed their attitude. At first I hesitated and did not want to go into their relationship, but then I decided, and all the same talked one evening with Katya. Kolka then went to his parents in the city, and I came to the sea Katya in her cottage. She was terribly pleased me (even though we had parted only yesterday) and we sat on the veranda. In the village at that time none of the young people were not, and Katya was home alone and so was happy that I decided to come to her. She said she was sleeping I stay at it and I agreed. We sat on the porch and drinking tea. I first bazaars of life, but slowly summed up the discussion on the topic "Kohl Katia".
In the end I asked her directly why these relationships are becoming worse. Kate was silent for a long time, but then said that they Kolka is like a secret from me, and they have themselves want me to open it .... but now I began to pry himself to the truth and to be silent is simply useless. I remember that our conversation as if he had just occurred today. She sat beside me on the couch, picked up his feet and said: "I do not want you now explains everything, but let's agree with you so - write down the address of one Interactive pages and tomorrow night at 20:00 go out on it. Do not be surprised at anything that you see, just call there flogged ..... and then you will understand everything. I was a little confused, because nothing at all understood. The last thing I expected was here is such a number. I was waiting for an explanation, but I got the address of a page on the Internet. And even the title page can not be said that there are and I started to ask about Kate on her secret. But she was silent. She said only that she decided to surprise me. This evening ended, and the night was not anything interesting ... at first I thought that all this would mean, but then quickly passed out. In the morning we both went into the city and said goodbye to Kate, so I would not forget at 20:00 appear on the Internet. I nodded to her and went our separate ways .... So, the day I met with friends and thought where I climb to the Internet (my connection was not at home). I had to ask a friend to sit in the evening in his network. It was my former classmate, and he agreed "borrow" I Internet. He himself went to the party, so that in his apartment, I was alone for the evening. Exactly at 20:00 I was on this page. I immediately realized that this was something like a page for "call girls"Only virtual. In short there on the page were pictures of naked girls and it was written that I introduced the Login and Password. They I had and after the password is entered, I immediately went to the page.
In front of me a few photos appeared completely naked girls and under each name was written. Some pictures do not shine, and under those Koror I saw was written online. I clicked on the name of Jasmin, who also stood me on a piece of paper given to me Katya. On the top there was the name of ... Jasmin, and became visible in the middle of the black square web cam. And then I started to reach everything. I have long heard that many girls work in a virtual space, and engaged in cyber sex.
As I told some of my friends there the girls undress and do everything that they write in a special chat-box, the one who pays (my password Login and Password were registered member for a long time and who were registered for this to..Katya gave Login, as it turned out very rarely other people ... and then only for the first time). And here I am sitting in front of the monitor and I feel that soon I will see something! Modem my friend loaded images slowly and I wished I had not gone to someone with a serious relationship .... but it was too late. In place of the black square, I saw a room with bare walls, painted in a light color. Under the image web cam was a place for writing text ... something like in ICQ. A room on a small couch sitting ... Katia. I was shocked. Kate was in a business suit and looking calmly at the camera. At the bottom there was a phrase, something like the language I prefer to speak. I replied that in Russian. (As it was then I told Katya, they work in pairs. One sits in front of the camera and waiting for orders, and other translations that you need to do that which sits in front of the camera). So, I saw Katya and could start "game". Heart pounding furiously in his chest, a member began bursting jeans just thinking about what I'm seeing. I wrote "let it slowly starts to undress". Katya slowly rose from his chair and began to undress. It was evident that all the movements Katerina honed. They had no shame. Immediately it became clear that it does not this the first time. Katya undressed sooooo slow. She pulled the time. I eyed literally tore her clothes and howled with desire. But after 2 minutes she was naked. I was shoke..davlenie jumped so much that I thought his head would explode right now! I see before my eyes the girl of my dreams, my friend naked girl! I did not notice that pulled out his penis. Mimoltom I thought, thank God that my classmate was gone. And it would be fun if he saw me like this. I sat in front of the monitor, which was naked curvy woman. Member of sticking out, and I was shaking with lust ...
I wrote to Katya sat on the sofa and began to masturbate. The order was carried out immediately. In temples pounding blood and member twitching to the beat of the pulse. I do not even know what else is to come up to Katka did for me. I thought all vanished and I just wanted to be there ... with her. At the same time until I suddenly realized that because she knows that this is exactly what I am sitting in front of your monitor and stare at her! After she told me exactly at 20:00 was there. I wrote that she began to fuck themselves with dildos (there on the table next to the sofa lay various dildos). She took one of them and put it into her vagina. I wrote it to put yourself in another, and so anal fucked myself until the end. She's performed and started to fuck herself, moaning in a voice that could excite even the computer, for which I was sitting! After 5 minutes, she lay down on the sofa, turned on his side and groaned even louder, came. I could no longer all this just to watch.
Cutting down the computer, I ran into the tub and began to masturbate. A couple of movements and I finished so that the sperm flew to the opposite wall with a thump jumped splashes on a mirror. I finished, but I realized that was not satisfied. After that I could only reassure stormy night Katey..ili a bullet in the forehead.
Then I decided to call Kate. Her MOBILE has been disabled. Logically, I thought ... As I left the apartment other, I do not really remember. But it seems I have not forgotten about our agreement that I hide keys in the mailbox. The only thing I remember about that day - that's what I'm up all night often wake up and jerked off like crazy! Kate was my idol and I always wanted it, but I never thought I'd see this! In the morning the phone rang and a voice said, cathine, I saw what I wanted ... I said that I saw even more and now again I do not understand anything. Kate said: "come to me at the seaside, and we will continue to talk". I have these words dream vanished at the moment and I rushed to gather. Before leaving, I began to doubt that she had in mind, but just in case I took the condom and went into dush. I sat on the trucks raced to it. After 1.5 hours, and was at her house. She immediately went to the porch. His face was sleepy with bruises under her eyes. She herself was wearing a tracksuit tight obligayuschy her figure. I went into the garden and did not know how to behave. She calmly walked up to me and kissed me on the shku. He Said "went to tea". We all sat on the same porch, and she began to speak. She said: "you know, it's a cool opportunity to earn good money, not really working. I do this for a year and have accumulated a lot of money. Someday I'll finish with this matter, but it is too early. Kolka knows about it. I myself told him. Actually on this and he stopped loving me. He began to walk, and says it will fuck with the other, until I stop to undress and masturbate in front of strangers peasants". Here I am when I finally realized what passion began to play out between my friends. Now I understand the behavior of Kohli and some began to condemn myself Katya. But then I remembered that she had just got up in front of me and started to get excited again. Kate is immediately noticed and looked at the bump on my sherinke laughed. She said: "that, like it yesterday? Do you want to continue?"
I gasped, I dream about this for years. She came to me, took me by the hand and led him into the garden. In giving her I was not the first time, so I knew where to go. We climbed to the second floor and turned to her room. There I immediately unbuttoned her blazer, lifted her, pulled off her T-shirt over her head and pressed her to the huge hot tits. Her nipples were already hard and I stared at them, teeth, making it probably hurt a little. Then I fell on my knees and pulled down her pants sportinvy. There was nothing under them. From her beautiful shaved pussy came suffocating scent of her body and I began immediately to lick her. Kate moaned, but tutzhe escaped from my hands, walked a few steps and said that it was improper to stand naked in front of a lady in full dress. I immediately undressed, almost entangled in his shorts, and we fell to the pastel. I have long wanted to lick Katya and finally came the moment! I licked it and she moaned. I generally like to lick the girls, but then I got real satisfaction. I saw her juices and I wanted it to last forever! As it turned out, Nick did not do it this never ... It was immediately clear why she writhed beneath me as if had finished every second. And finally she konchila..kak it turned out, it took just a couple of minutes. For me it took at least half an hour. I entered her and began to fuck her just hard. Pastel heaving, and in front of me stood a picture of what it maketh me yesterday. I finished it a torrent of sperm, but she said nothing. Then, when she began to tell me all about yourself, I learned that it takes a pill against pregnancy for 2 years, but at that moment I was on the drum vs..ey I think, too.
After I finished, I got down from her, she flipped me on my back, took my penis in his mouth and began to lick my sperm and its separation from it. at first I did not want to wake up my friend (all the same difficult to fuck without pause later), but in the end it is all the same rose again and she began to suck. Sucking is just super. I was the head of the blue from a rush of blood. Member swelled to such an extent that I am as much surprised myself. Usually, my penis is not more than 16 centimeters in length and 2.5 - 3 centimeters in thickness, but then it has grown to at least 18 centimeters in length and 19 and became thicker than usual .... I finished on her face, and she rubbed finger all my sperm in his little face on. After such orgasms, I was completely empty and could not even move. Katya too tired. She has impacted more and the night, which she held for "work". Katka went pomylas, and when it came, we lay in the same bed and slept. By evening, we woke up and then I tried for the first time anal sex. Katya was home lubrication and she taught me in the priests of anal sex. Her priest had by this time developed and I quite easily entered her. Moving in a tight channel of her colon was nice and in a few minutes, I finished it. As soon as I got out of it, out of her ass turbid liquid poured her juices mixed with my semen and her secretions. Katya obtrla my cock and plunged himself with a handkerchief in her mouth. When I wound up again, I put Katya on her back, threw her legs over his shoulders and began to fuck her as the last whore. She obviously liked it, it excites me, I ...
Thus began our closer acquaintance with Katey ... with the girl I loved from the first moment we met. Kolka Kate pretty quickly broke up, but we were friends and often videmsya. It's not the last story of Katya. I can still write about our future relations.
And yet, who wants to talk with me, please write to: [email protected]
I would be happy now!
P.S .: Virtually nothing in this story is not invented. None of the characters are not fictional history and occurred sits deep in my memory. These were some of the coolest moments of my sex life ...